How to get a free website (domains & templates free download HTML with CSS)

Ideas to get a free website with domain names and hosting in 5 steps

A website is an essential part of your life these days. Here are some simple steps to get a free website.

Register a domain name: domain name means the name of your website that starts with www. It’s unique and people reach your website by typing this name on the browser or Google. Domain name also has an extension like .com, .org, .net etc.

If your website is country specific, you can choose a country specific name. For example, .in for India, for United Kingdom, .us for United States, for Australia etc.  .com, .org and .net are called Top Level Domains (TLD). It’s better to choose a top level domain.

The domain name that you want to buy should be available. You can make a search on a registrar’s website to check whether it is available or not. If it is available, you can buy that domain and there are also may companies that provide free domain names.

Get website hosting: Your website needs a space. Web hosting means that space that you need to keep your websites. There are many companies that offer web hosting services. The servers of hosting companies are located in different countries.

You should always take a server from the country of your target. It helps you to get website traffic from that particular country. For example, if you want to make a website for United States, the server of the web hosting provider should be located in that country.

Some web hosting companies provide free hosting services, but then you may not get an independent domain name.

How to get Website templates free download HTML with CSS

On internet you can get website templates for free download HTML with CSS. You can upload any website template on your hosting and get attractive designs. The next step is to upload content on the template.

WordPress themes are also an easy option to get attractive website designs. Website templates free download HTML with CSS helps you to get some quick website designs.

Content Writing: Your website must have information regarding you or your business. You can write yourself, get it written by your friend free or you can also hire a content writer.

Website Content is called the king of the website. Your website must have good information.

Images for website: Free stock images for websites are available on internet. You can also buy stock images from some pictures websites. The images make your website more attractive. You need to use some relevant images for your website.

WordPress themes: WordPress themes are some readymade designs for website. You can install those themes and get some beautiful website designs within 2-3 minutes.

You can also keep on changing the designs of your website very easily. Most of these wordpress themes are available free of cost. You can also buy some premium wordpress themes if you want to look more professional.

Follow all the steps above and you will have a beautiful free website. Try it once it is very easy. And you will have a beautiful website ready.

If you find any difficulty in Website templates free download HTML with CSS, you can also contact us.

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