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Birthdays are special not only because they represent the day we are born but it has quite stronger spiritual allusions and a brief overview about the meaning of our existence. Every single day is aligned to a higher cosmic network, counting the activities of stars and the energy that regulates the complexities of human livelihood and ultimately the universe.

Here we will go through the significance of dates in relation to our birth and how it reflects significant aspects of our character as well.

  • Date 1: The beginning of a month means a fresh start, new beginnings or opportunities. As a person one will be creative, innovative and always accept the newness of circumstances.
  • Date 2: The day is symbolic of a rigid character where the will is strong and lifetime events cannot hamper the concentration of the individual.
  • Date 3: The third date of the month is symbolic of good luck and miracle happenings. The person is born with a better approach towards life.
  • Date 4: It refers to strength and power in the cosmic balance. Therefore individuals are born to be mentally strong and physically sound.
  • Date 5: The fifth date resembles a balance. People born on this date will be creatively rich and a mind that continuously thinks in harmony. Better social thoughts develop in such instances.
  • Date 6: Devotional people are born on this day. There is a sign of faith and respect towards higher spiritual powers.
  • Date 7: It is the end of the first week. People are conclusive and will reach effective results and conclusions about their respective lives. Successful and productive individuals are born on this day.
  • Date 8: The eight date is symbolic of unity and alignment. People are highly social and believe in the essence of human relations, family and overall communal brotherhood. They will strive for unity as well.
  • Date 9: It implies success in the cosmic network. People are able to do away with the negative forces that hamper the prosperity of livelihood. They are strong at heart and mind.
  • Date 10: This day symbolises divinity. The cosmic forces are at rest and so the birth will result in undisturbed individuals in terms of body, health and thought processes.
  • Date 11: The day is a mark of freshness and purity. It further symbolises innocence, elements of chastity and being original in work and thoughts. People will be devotional and productive.
  • Date 12: The date signifies variations, ways and hopefulness. Individuals are explorers born on this date. They will explore topics places and will not sit down for early obsolescence.
  • Date 13: The thirteenth symbolises complexities in the network. The harmony of one’s birth is regulated by complex cosmic forces. People with special/impressive capabilities are born.
  • Date 15: It is another perfect alignment of the cosmic bodies. Individuals will be born with strong will, perfection in speech and productive in work.
  • Date 16: Creativity is a mental state that seldom flourishes within individuals. This date symbolises variable ways in the cosmic network ultimately signifying various methods and creative approaches in the minds of people born on this day.
  • Date 17: The date is symbolic of significant of strength, power and excitement in the heart and minds of people.
  • Date 18: Free-thinkers are born on this day. People who maintain a sense of individuality as well as regulate a significant and effective relationship with society are born on this day.
  • Date 19: This date alludes to a higher spiritual order. People are born with liberal minds and a sense of extreme faith and devotion, be it with nature or other mythological deities. Simplifies designs govern the life of such individuals.
  • Date 20: It is symbolic of a bright personality. Happiness in settlement and a wealthy and secure future is destined for such individuals if raised with the proper guidance and lessons about life.
  • Date 21: It is the day for more beginnings and newer opportunities. People born on this day will always be experimental in their respective lives and will always explore the depths of his/her career.
  • Date 22: Rigidity of character and moral values. The person will be sensible about the various aspects of reality and this will further help him reach the actuality of his/her goals.
  • Date 23: Tender and lovable aspects are symbolised through this date. People are beloved and will reach the heights of public adoration for an impressive and remarkable personality/character.
  • Date 24: This date marks the transition of planets to a better suited harmony. The alignment will result in a transitional development in the individual’s personality. He/she will be born with an innovative mind and a curious self to learn and explore.
  • Date 25: The date is symbolic of perfection, consistency and faith. Compatible people are born who are capable of maintaining healthy relations and further develop into motivational beings.
  • Date 26: The twenty sixth of a month refers to the harmony of the cosmic network. People born on this day will respectively be patient, thoughtful, compromising values and adapt to the expectations of society as a whole.
  • Date 27: It is descriptive of a vigorous personality. One who will strive for success and will tackle the universal limitations as per his/her essential requirements.
  • Date 28: Lustre, beauty in body and soul and physical well being is what this day is symbolic of. The spheres are aligned for perfect natural creations promoting balance within the entire network of the universe.
  • Date 29: Creative individuals are born on this day. Especially artistic minds who believe in nature and the arts of living. Their creativity will further allow them to explore the vastness of humanity.
  • Date 30: People are born to be hard-working and curious. They will further develop to become consistent individuals in work and will ultimately become productive assets in society.
  • Date 31: It is an alternatively occurring date and alludes to complex interpretations. However the cosmic balance is at rest and individuals are born with devotion, high-esteem and self-trust. The motivational forces are incredible for people born on this day.


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