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Yesterday, while shopping, I asked the shopkeeper, why hasn’t he chosen for online wallet payments? To this, he simply replied,”Bhaiya hum Hindi medium se padha hun aur ye sab wallet angreji mai hi ate hai jo ki humari samjh se bahar hai”.

Although this is a ubiquitous scene for us as Indians to see, it brings two essential things to notice –

One, he wasn’t uneducated, yet he couldn’t enjoy the technology of today.
Second, the dominance of a foreign language was the reason for his returning customers.

The conclusion of these two facts states that Indians are deprived of their business growth even after being educated and that is what localization removes. The term localization isn’t a new term but a “not-applied” term in today’s business. How?

Have you seen pheriwalahs in villages who sell their products from door to door? The only difference between them and an MNC is that he knows how to speak the local language of the area while they don’t and for the same reason, aren’t able to reach.

It also means that no matter whether you are a billion dollar company or a small shopkeeper, you need localization in one or the other way.

Your business in your language –

It is a straightforward concept, yet the majority fails to follow it. Although Indians never fail to amaze but when they don’t encourage their innovation in their language, they fail to reach the big part of the 1.25 Billion Indians.

Even when you are planning to expand your business in other cities or state, you need to take help of the local authorities as well as the people of that area to NETWORK.

To do the same, you choose to speak the language they understand and not the language you are fluent in. Further, when your product reaches the hand of the customer, it is your product or service which needs to speak because you are not there to convey the idea behind the same.

Else, you are only responsible for losing your customer right that very moment.

How to convert Your business in your language?

Translating your services in the languages known to your customers can help you with it. The commencement of the whole process is done with organized Indian translators which you can grab with India’s first ever translation tool, Devnagri.

It is a very advanced service started by some mind-boggling Indians for Indian translation industry. The tool is a guaranteed right choice for all kind of translations, be it your app, web app or any business doc.

Powered by the true AI knowledge and human minds, Devnagri is an innovative platform that not just put a very significant part of your project to management but also help you save time, money and energy.

Plus, no matter what your industry is, you will always boom with 100% genuine translations from Devnagri.

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