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222+ Funny happy birthday wishes: Messages, Images & Songs

World’s best wishes are here. Nothing can be priceless than the eternal friendship we share. It is a bond that has always remained through idiotic friends like you who manage to crack me up even in the saddest moments. Today is also for you and your unique personality. Happy birthday! Get here some funny birthday wishes, images and songs.


Look what we have here

A rabbit that got his carrot

Or a squirrel who got his nut

Or me who received a friend like you

It is the day where you hold the spotlight for yourself

Happy Birthday to you.

Light up the candles and make a wish

Blow em’ up before you burn your house down

And cut the cake and feed your never-ending appetite for sweets.

Happy Birthday!


It is the happiest day of the year!

This is to the best one, the ever creative,

The ever humble and the ever tired and hungry

Always stay happy and have the best birthday.

Funny happy birthday pic

Funny bday wallpaper

Funny birthday cake image


The grass is always greener on the other side

But not today

Today is greener everywhere because

It is your faithful day

A merry born day to you and your knighthood!

And make the place evergreen with your humble way.

Best birthday message for friends 

 “A very happy birthday to you” is immortal in soul

In being, in spirit and in goal.

May everyday be as special as today

Gifted with the angel’s blessing and the devil’s temptation.

I wish you a very happy birthday

May the light govern your life’s goal.

Funny happy birthday wishes image

Birthdays are God’s way of asking you to take a break from the continuous rush of life and to embrace the joyful one inside of you.

So embrace the naughty and restless kid that you are and rock this year’s birthday.

Happy birthday friend.

funny birthday image for friends

Birthday wallpaper download free

Hilarious birthday pictures


Funny birthday greetings for friends

Cool birthday wishes for friends 

birthday jokes image

funny birthday wishes for friends


The best part of your birthday is annoying you with candles that don’t go off.

Hey, forget the trend! This is only symbolic of both our and your wishes to spread love all over and see it materialize in the form of smiles through the blowing-off of these impossible candles.

Happy birthday and make a wish dear one.



Funny Birthday questions


Do you know what would be a great idea?

A cake that would punch itself on your face when you cut it!

Because catching fire through lit candles is just a clichéd thing to say.

Best birthday to the best person ever!

Funny birthday Greetings

The race of age can never put you down

You will always be a step ahead of age and live up to life’s potential mark

So, today is a day where you must definitely rejoice the victory

Of life’s race which you have overcome

Happy Birthday!

Funny happy birthday images:

Look at what we have here

Someone lasts another year

To pull my legs, shake my head

And treat me this year too!

Blow up those lit ones

And wishing the best birthday you!

Happiness is painting YOUR face on YOUR birthday cake

By smashing it on your grown-up face!

Have an exciting birthday dear friend.

Not long for the pendulum to strike

It’s a day sent by the angels to come

A day specially designed for the likes of you

From the bottom of the heart and soul

From the depths of my tummy too

I wish happy birthday to you.


Funny birthday wishes poster


Another year of success, achievement and enlightenment, and perhaps better relationships for you.

Pray you score the best piece of heart this year. Happy birthday!

Birthday wish for girlfriend


Seasons come and seasons go

So does your birthday every year

What do the seasons do every year?

They paint the earth with different shaded at different times.

What does your birthday do?

It paints the joyous colours of your life to cherish upon

Have the best birthday my friend.

Birthday wishes funny


Whether it may be cakes or candies, sweet or spicy, games or fighting, this birthday can’t get completed without my twenty-two respective hits on your back. Happy birthday best friend!

Funny happy bday wish

Wishes will be fulfilled by angels

Destiny will be placed by the universe

And I will definitely put a cake on your puny, cute-little FACE!

Have a delightful birthday dear one.

Funny bday SMS

May the upcoming years be filled with joy and fulfillment

And may you keep having the best born-days to keep refreshing yourself for the days to come

Birthdays are delightful, meant to be cherished

With friends and family. Happy birthday dear.

Funny Bday Wish message—————-

Birthdays are paper-plans of God

Wherein lies the sketches of your brilliance

And of the real cartoon you are.

So, feel free to be the goofy one today and happy birthday.


—————-Find here many more funny birthday wishes and image 


The night is still young. So prepare the beast, like the party animal you rightfully are. Here, loads of love and happiness for you on your special day this year. Have the best birthday my good friend.

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