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Shiva Image: The word “Shiva” literally means “The Auspicious One”. Shiva is one of the main gods in Hinduism. In the Saivaism sect of Hinduism, Shiva is the Supreme God.

Here, we are providing both HD and LD images of Hindu religion. Some images are for HD download (High Dimension) and some other images are LD (Low dimension)

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Some popular ones are the third eye, the serpent around his neck, the crescent moon, the holy trident and the meditating azure figure.

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We have written some useful information on Lord Shiva along with the images below. Kindly read to know more about Shiva.


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This is a rare image of Lord Shiva. He is visualized as a Yogi residing on the peaks of Mount Kailash and is one of the supreme spiritual entities regulating the universe.

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Apart from contemporary Hindu beliefs Shiva is also mentioned in Sikh texts, Buddhist Tantras, and also recognized theologically over the international parts of South-East Asia, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Lord Shiva images are referred to as an absolute Brahman that bears no change at all.

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Shiva was known to have led a normal familial life with Parvati. He had two sons namely Ganesha and Kartikeya.


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The term ‘Shiva’ originally was derived from the Sanskrit term ‘Siva’ which means benevolent, humble and auspicious.


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One of Shiva’s depictions refers to him as the “Lord of Dance”. This iconography is termed as the Nataraja.

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Here we have collected the best Lord Shiva images. He is the essence of supremacy according to Brahman theology.


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He is the Yogi who has mastered the unity of the mind and spirit and with inner peace, silence and tranquility he will expand such lessons to the sages ahead.

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Shiva is one central Hindu figure and Shaivism is one of the four major sects of Hindu worship.


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Maha Shivratri is the grand Hindu festival celebrated in the name of Shiva which dedicates itself towards the night of Shiva where darkness was overcome so was ignorance.


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Followers of Shaivism are referred to as Shaivas and they view Shiva as the supreme entity of the universe, which means he is the creator, manipulator, destroyer and the bearer of the eternal truth of life. Here we have uploaded the best Shiva images for the devotees.

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Shiva’s mantras consisted of five syllables. Apparently the number five was sacred for the Hindu deity.


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The iconography pertaining Shiva’s depictions are vast and incredibly artistic.

There is a paradox to Shiva’s interpretation. It is because in most texts he is referred to as both the creator and the destroyer, an ascetic yogi and the forerunner of a proper family.

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