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Free Download of Good night SMS, GN Msg, Sweet good night messages

Good night SMS

Short message service has been the consistent tradition in popular texting culture and has set the pillars for communication evolution. A good night SMS is a wish one would greet the other pertaining to having a night free from disruption and to have a peaceful slumber. Of course anyone would appreciate a good night sms/wish and perfect sleep after supposedly a good and busy day’s work.


The sky illuminates like the modest soul you are

It’s a beautiful symbol, beautiful night,

The best night, sleep well and in your modesty.’



Angels are with us to guide us throughout life

They have come in the form of good friends like YOU

Who always deserves a Good Night too!



Sweet good night messages:


Look at the night

So starry bright

The moon hangs chanting to you

“Have a Lovely Night”



The night is peaceful just like the friendship we share

Good Night my friend, breathe tomorrow the same fresh air.



GN Msg:

Message have to potential to express complex feelings and we can bring to light such emotional complexities, our liking or care for someone who is important to us. Wishing people good night will never be rendered cliches because messages with original expressions never go obsolete. One will always appreciate the wish. We can shorten bigger messages through short forms ‘Gn msg’ and make bigger expressions shorter, quick and time friendly.




‘A wish is always welcoming right?

So wishing u gn and sweet drms. And gud lck 4 the upcoming day.’



Roses are red

Violets are blue

Orange is the new black

And so are YOU

Good Night




The stars will forever shine

So will the wind eternally blow

Days and night will forever be your joy

And this frienship we share will forever grow

Good Night my friend.


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