How to save yourself from high bank charges

The bank charges are increasing day by day. Here are some essential tips for you.

Here, we are sharing with you some information to protect yourself from paying huge charges to your bank.

Withdrawal: In the era of digitization, no need to withdraw much cash. Pay using netbanking, mobile wallet etc. These days, you can even pay your kirana store through mobile wallet like Paytm etc.

Deposit: Instead of depositing huge cash in your account, use the excess cash to pay for your various expenses. While accepting payment, insist on payment by online transfer or mobile wallet.

Passbook updation: Instead of updating your passbook, check your statements online. Avail the SMS/telephone facility to know about your withdrawals, deposits and balance.

Balance Statements: You can check your balance statement yourself by login into your internet bank account. Take the soft copy (excel or pdf) in a pendrive. Print it anywhere and get it stamped by visiting your branch. Such balance statement will be valid everywhere.

CAUTION: Never share your OTP (One time password) that you receive through SMS or your ATM Pin with anyone even if he or she claims to be from your bank. Bank never asks your PIN or OTP

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