Jio Coin FAQs on price to INR, Investment, Rate and Purchase

Jio Coin Update


What is Jio Coin?

It’s a cyptocurrency that reliance is planning to launch


Who will lead the Jio Coin cryptocurrency project in Reliance?

Akash Ambani, the elder son of Mukesh Ambani, will lead the JioCoin project


Which group company of reliance will handle Jio Coin, the new cryptocurrency? 

Reliance Jio Infocomm


Which team will manage this crypto currency project?

Reliance will build a 50-member team of young professionals. They will work on the blockchain technology


What is block Chain?

It’s a digital ledger for storing data that decentralizes information held on blockchain


Is it safe to invest in Jio Coin?

All cryptocurrencies including Jio Coins will be a high risk investment option

Will the Jio Coin have any government control?

No, all crypto currencies are beyond the control of government


Has government of India taken any initiative?

The government of India has formed a panel to deliberate over issues related to cryptocurrencies. This panel formed under Economic Affairs secretary will also propose actions that need to be taken with regards to cryptocurrency.


Has the RBI any role to play

No, it’s not within the rules and regulations of RBI. RBI has already issued many warnings against crypto currencies.


What are the major cryptocurrency that exist in the market today?

Bitcoin, Ripple, Altcoin, Ethereum etc. But beware, many fake cryptocurrencies also exist in the market.


Currently how many cryptocurrency traders exist in the market?

Approximately 6 lakhs in India.

JIO Coin to INR exchange information:

What are the products and services you can buy through Jio Coin?

Most probably, in future, you will be able to buy all reliance products and services.


What are the business opportunities that Jio Coin will open up?

There will be lots of new business opportunities related to cryptocurrency  such as Jio Coin trading, Jio Coin exchange, Jio Coin broking etc.


What’s the future plan of Reliance?

Reliance is also planning to enter Internet of Things (IoT) in the near future


What will be the expected price of Jio Coin?

Nothing is sure. Some cryptocurrency experts are of the opinion that the price will be below $1

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