How to Earn Money Online in 2019 – Latest Ideas to earn Money Online

The internet is a goldmine. You need not waste time commuting to work. You can earn money from home with just a computer and an internet connection through online jobs. If you do not know how, here are 10 possible ways to use your time to earn money online.

Earn money online from Online videos – Youtube

Youtube offers a good way to earn money by posting videos online. People view them and you get money in the bank. You can create your own educational or informational videos that will get you money when you work from home.

Youtube places ads on your videos and it works like Google’s PPC: anyone clicking on the ad will result in money for you.

Earn money Online by writing articles

There are a variety of online writing jobs provided you have the talent. You can blog. You can write content. You can work as medical transcriptionist or ghost writer. Possibilities are endless and freelancing means you can work on your time and earn as much as you want.

Earn money online by selling Stock images

If photography or creative graphic art is your specialty you can monetise talent. There are sites like shutterstock and gettyimages where you can upload photos and if they are bought, you earn money online.

Earn money online by offering Services

You can use your internet and computer to offer a variety of services. You can work as internet marketer if you have a yen for SEO. You can work as remote inbound call centre operator. You can offer backend services for commercial organizations or work as assistant.

Earn money online by Trading in stocks

Trading in stocks online is a double edged sword. If you have some money you can invest and trade in stocks online but be careful. Chances of losses are high so proceed with caution and book profits rather than becoming greedy for higher returns.

Earn money online by Promoting small services

Work as promoter for small retailers in your area and promote their services online by posting to local yellow pages, google maps and directories. As they grow, so do you and chances of more opportunities increase.

Earn money online by Selling online

There are plenty of sites like quikr and olx where you can buy and sell used items. There are also sites like ebay where you can register and become a seller.

If you are able to produce handicraft items or source locally at lower prices, you can make a decent profit selling online.

Earn money online by Starting your website

There are smart people who register not one but dozens of websites and choose some popular ideas and products that will get them plenty of visitors. They then allow third party advertisers to place ads on their sites.

If anyone visit the links you receive a percentage. If you join an affiliate network, you get a percentage if the click results in a sale. You would have to put in efforts to populate webpages with content and then promote your site to get traffic.

Earn money online by Writing and publishing books

Amazon offers a decent scheme in which you can write books and publish them online through their platform. Explore the possibility if you have some ideas and can write. Do some research on which topics are highest selling and in demand.

Earn money online through Domain name registration, reselling

You do not have to do anything except register domains with appealing names that have high chances of fetching a good price. You can host them and populate webpages with content and generate traffic to get higher Alexa ranking which will get you better offers for your domain.

Earn money online by Teaching online

Teaching and education have no fear of recession. If you are good at some subjects, join the online teaching wagon and offer teaching and tutoring services.

Important Advice: 

No genuine online jobs providers will ask for any money for registration, joining etc. Don’t give money to any company for any work from home jobs.

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