SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is the King of internet marketing. If you know the tricks to rank a website on the first page of Google, you can get thousands of leads. On converting those leads you can earn much more than a monthly salary.

On internet marketing, no one can get rich overnight.

You need to learn how Google works. Don’t get fooled by the false claims of some people who promise to make you rich overnight. Internet market is not easy. You need to learn in step by step. And I am here to teach you.

Classes for beginners and advanced learners

If you have the basic knowledge, I will teach you the tricks that I have learnt. If you are a beginner, I will teach you from the very beginning. I will also take follow up classes on regular intervals to clear your doubts and to coach you so that you can become successful.

 I will teach you what I have learnt in last 10 years from the experts and experimenting myself. I will teach you the SEO tricks that no course can teach you.

Get study materials

Over the years, I have collected notes on SEO from various sources. I will share with you the same.

Technologies have empowered us to learn something from anywhere in the world. And I will teach you through Skype of Whatsapp.

For details, just send me a message on Skype. My id is chat.111ideas