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“The Gift of Love” ( An emotional love poem for her)

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 The universe always saw my desire

Everything was shaped according to fantasy

I’m living in a surreal world, away from death, away from fire

Beside her. She is the presence of enchanted beauty.

I felt the warmth of a flame inside a cave

Or the solemn breeze that blows away my darkest fear


She is the wind that kisses gently the ocean of my life

Seldom did the waves rise; bringing immense freshness to the air

The universe was kind enough to grant a sinful one as me

The fairy princess of perfection


She opened the gateway towards the light

I have experienced the gilded monument of God’s creation.

I thank thee, divine ones and the princess herself

For the divine gift of love.

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Romantic love poems for her:

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The Everlasting presence (The love poem for her and love poems for him that is everlasting) 

She entered my life like the seasonal rain

That floods the harvests with a farmer’s life

She came to me like the rescue boat

The bringer of life for all the stranded ones


She visits me like an actual fairy

Who always bought magical moments for my existence

She dug the deepest caves in my heart

For my sorrow to happily stay hidden in slumber

She is eternity after Death, the purest essence of love

The everlasting presence of my blissful journey.

I Love you poems: love poems for him


Your Reflection on the Mirror.


Do you see your reflection in the mirror?

Perhaps it is the only way for me to explain

A form of beauty that sheds light

The beauty that transcends the limits of our world.


Look at yourself in the mirror

Diamond-like eyes, skin as tender as the streams

Do you see the smile of a wonderful creation?


The mirror is only able to reflect your form.

But it can also reflect the divinity of your soul

It reflects the purity of your heart

They say nature offers music for those who listen

I frequently listen to the symphony of your love.

Funny Love poem for her:

It’s when you keep smiling (Romantic Poetry- love poems for him)

The world is a beautiful place when you keep smiling

The sky is bright, the birds perform their show

Sweet streams of happy rivers flow

And the merriment seeds are all set to grow.


My nights get illuminated when you smile

As beautiful as a starry night

As tranquil and beaming as the full moon

It paints the dark with luminous shades of light.


It’s when you smile that light up my world

It lights up all the candles of my romantic vigil

And the swans will unite to form the lovely shape

That reflects the strength of our eternal seal.


It’s when you smile that I feel complete

The void of emptiness is filled

I see my happiness on top of a hill

Where you will smile and my pain is healed.



An ode to my beloved (A Passionate poem on Love – love poems for her)

They say an ode is special

They say it is dedicated for the unique

You can in fact sublimate the trivial

And write about the greatness of anything

And so what I write here is for an enchanter


I wish to sublimate her presence till it reaches divinity

Till it transcends the limits of the universe

Till every soul sees that on earth angels exist!

I write here an ode dedicated to you


Who so powerful no storm can tremble

Nor can anyone pollute such purity

It is divinity’s gift to be

You, who is limitlessly humble and pretty,

The purest essence of your soul is immortal


So here I solemnly dedicate

An Ode to my beloved enchantress

You who forever completes me as a whole

Taking away the lies of a thousand-fold.



The cycle of love ( A Sweet Love Poem for Her)

I’m forever trapped in this loophole

Where the same thing keeps repeating itself

Things of divine affection and unity

Every small and saccharine thing keeps repeating itself

I’m trapped in a cycle of love


Walking on the plane of reminiscence

The happiest feelings keep coming back to me

Even after the harshest storm or sickness

The queen of my dreams has me trapped inside

The sanctuary of eternal bliss


Alongside her and alongside all that is contented

I’m living inside this cycle of love, united with her in peace.

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