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Online Reputation Management

If you have a presence on the internet, either as a professional or as a company, then people know about you and post comments on blogs and forums about you, your profession and business. Such posts may show you in a positive or a negative light.

If it is a negative review, done intentionally or maliciously or due to some other reason, it can be there for the whole world to see and affect the image you have built up over the years. It also happens that someone with a similar name may have earned a bad review and somehow it is your name that is linked to that blog or forum or review post.

Competitors, disgruntled customers or even employees may have posted negative remarks showing you in a bad light. These need to be removed or covered. You need to create and maintain a positive reputation online with online reputation management services.

Tracking and Finding Negative Reviews/Comments

Before you can take any action to repair the damage, it is necessary to find out all those sites that carry a negative mention about you, your products or services.

Removal and Replacement of Negatives with Positives

Once these sites are found where you have a negative reflection of yourself, the next step is to remove or outshine them with positive comments.

Create More Positive Mentions across broader platforms

That was the defensive part. Now we can go on an offensive and create a more positive image about you, your company, your products and services showing them all in a better light. This will help you in the long run to gain more business as a trusted and reliable online entity.

Monitor Status

Reputation Management is an ongoing process. Once the negative side is cleaned up then we need to maintain constant monitoring of newer posts and weed them out to ensure a negative post never is associated with your name.