Our site may use cookies to track your online behavior to display advertisements that may interest you.

There are two categories of information we collect: 1) the information we need to use and 2) information that we may use to provide additional features and experiences if you choose to provide this information.

The first category includes:

Registration information that includes the name, date of birth, address, and other information you provide when signing up for 111ideas.
General, inaccurate location, which we derive from your IP address. Our licenses to provide ad and other content to you are site specific, which is why we need to know which country you are coming from. It also allows us to make suggestions based on your inaccurate location, such as: B. concerts and events.
This allows us to give you recommendations and propose content relevant to you. You can decide for yourself whether to share this information with your friends, followers, or the public.
Technical details and sensor information necessary for the operation of our site. This includes the browser type and device you are using, data from the touch screen, and information from your accelerometer and gyroscope sensor. This allows you to control 111ideas and allows us to do simple things like turning images, videos and recommending music based on whether you are sitting still or running.
The second category contains information that enables us to offer you additional functions. We never receive any of the following information unless you specifically choose to share it with us.

By registering for these services, you agree to the following processing activities related to your information. Below is a quick overview of the things that you will agree to. Please ensure that you carefully read the actual consent form in the sections above:

the use of information about cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties ;
the transfer of your data from the country in which you live ;
the collection, use, dissemination, and other processing of your data, including for promotional purposes (as described later in this privacy policy, read on!) and
the public availability of your data and the control of the data as described in Data Dissemination .
In the Preferences section , we describe the controls and related settings associated with your 111ideas account.

3 The data we collect

We can collect and save the following data –

3.1 Registration Data

When you register for the services, we may ask for information such as your username, password, email address, date of birth, gender, address, postal code and country. If you log in to the Services with the data deposited with a third party (as defined in the Terms of Use ) (eg, Facebook), you allow us to collect your authentication information such as username and password as encrypted credentials. We may also collect other data associated with your third-party account. These include, but are not limited to, your name, profile picture, country, place of residence, email address, date of birth, gender, friends’ names and profile pictures, and networks, provided you want to integrate our service with a third-party application.

You can also voluntarily add more information to your profile, such as your mobile phone number and mobile service provider.

3.2 Use, log data and cookies

If you use or interact with the Services, we may use some technologies that collect data for use and access to the Services. These data include:

Information about the nature of your subscription and your interactions with the Services, including interactions with music, playlists and other audiovisual content, other Spotify users, third-party applications and advertising, products or services offered or associated, or those offered through the Services ;
the details of your queries and the date and time of your query;
User-generated content (as described in the Terms of Use ) that you post in the Services, including the messages you receive through the Services;
technical data, including URL data, data from cookies, your IP address, the devices that you use to access or connect to the Spotify services, the unique device ID, device characteristics, type of device Network connection (eg, WiFi, 3G, LTE) and vendor, network and device performance, browser type, language, data that enables digital rights management, operating system, and the version of the Spotify application.
Motion-generated or orientation-generated mobile sensor data (eg accelerometer or gyroscope).
It may be that we store, store and use the information with your consent as described in How we use the collected data .

You can integrate your 111ideas account into third-party applications. By doing so, we will receive similar information regarding your interactions with the Services about third party applications and information about your publicly available interaction data with the Third Party Application. This includes, for example, your “likes” and posts on Facebook. We may use cookies and other technologies to collect this information. Further details can be found in the section Information about cookies, other technologies and data collection by third parties in this Privacy Policy .