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108+ World’s best Radha Krishna wallpapers to download and share

Best Radha Krishna Photos and Wallpapers to Download

Radha and Krishna are the symbols of divine love.

  • The originality of the name ‘Krishna’ traces back to Sanskrit origin which translates to black, dark or the dark shade of blue. This alludes to the fact that the deity was dark in color, as seen in myths he had a bluish skin composition.


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  • Krishna is depicted as the eight incarnation of Vishnu and is central to the epic battle of the Mahabharata without prior or direct participation.


  • Krishna’s addressing towards Arjun (the Pandava prince) as a charioteer paved the ways and events for the scriptures in the famous text ‘Bhagwat Gita.’


  • Krishna is the deity of love, fertility and compassion in Hinduism.

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  • It was prophesized that Krishna, who was Devaki’s son, would kill her tyrannous brother Kansa.


  • Legends describe tales that say Krishna was exiled away for safety and was brought up at Mathura by Nanda and Yasoda. He was apparently separated from his family.

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Krishna had a record of being a prankster and a lady-charmer with the proficiency of his flute. He encompassed all basic human characteristics even though he belonged to a divine origin.



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The quality of Krishna’s playfulness has always been celebrated in Hindu contexts. His tales allude to the Hindu conceptions of ‘Lila’ which means playing for fun and not profit. His playfulness and Lila as a static theme is still celebrated in Hindu celebrations as his birthday ‘Janmashtami’.

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He becomes a leading member of the court upon his return to Mathura and post assassination of his wicked uncle ‘Kansa.’ It was then that he developed his relations with the Pandavas.

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Krishna’s wife is regarded in mythical context as an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune and wealth.

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Krishna and Arjun’s parable conversations about life and ethics paved the way for the famous scriptures of the Bhagavad Gita. The holy text is reflective about Krishna’s profound ideologies.

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  • Krishna in adoration was entitled ‘Makhan Chor’ (butter thief) for his love for butter during infancy.


  • Krishna was only a charioteer for the Pandava prince Arjun under the condition that he will not engage in battle and respects his oath that he will not hold weapons for destruction.

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Images of Krishna

Krishna was mistaken as a deer and was shot dead with an arrow yet forgiving the hunter for the act.

Krishna was cursed by Gandhari because he was believed to have deliberately allowed the war whilst he could have stopped it.

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Krishna’s interpretation is central to understanding and deciphering the complexities of the Hindu texts. The philosophies and theological constructs are reflective of the pastoral journeys to the triumphant victories and apparent death of the deity.

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Radha Krishna photo

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The cause and effect relation of the Mahabharata is significant as the forms of curses, prophecy and disengagement all result to evident ends. Even Krishna’s demise was a cause of Gandhari’s sorrowful effect.

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Krishna was a spiritual essence, the symbolic deity of love which is evidently symbolic through the theological contexts of his Lilas. His charm with the Gopis and playful victory with the serpent are all descriptive of the contextual love-play and divine love that embodies the universe.

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Krishna with cow image

 Krishna and his playful essence paved the way for Bhakti (devotional approach) and a part of Vaishnavism worship.


Finally, Krishna’s significance and tales further played a key role in the development of arts, dance, culture and the aesthetic Hindu culture that is today, particularly through the traditions of Ras and Leela.

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