Prem Baba India 2018 Rishikesh satsangTravel Package

We, a group of Prem Baba Fans will help you to attend Prem Baba Satsang in Rishikesh.

Our services include:

  • Receiving at Delhi or Derhadun airport
  • Transfer to Hotel or Ashram
  • Local sightseeing at Rishikesh (optional)
  • Local sightseeing in Delhi (optional)
  • Yoga Classes (optional)
  • Any other spiritual activity (optional)
  • Spiritual event (optional) 

If you need any information, please email us: 111ideas@gmail,com or Whatsapp / Call us +919811179964

Rishikesh Prem Baba India 2018

Rishikesh is by far the most spiritual destination in India. For centuries it has been visited by travelers, yogis, saints and famous international personalities for the purposes of mental peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Are you seeking spiritual guidance? Do you wish to spend time with saints and understand the divine principles of spiritual healing?  Whatever may be the case your trip to Rishikesh will now be complete with gilded moments that can eternally be cherished for as long as you live!

With all being said, let us talk about how one can embark on his/her spiritual journey at this magnificent place. Apart from all the saints we have our globally renowned Prem Baba who pays a visit once every year. He resides at the Sachcha Dham Ashram and meditates under the tree beside the Ganges River.

At Prem Baba Ashram Rishikesh

It is a brilliant opportunity for travelers to meet the saint in person and learn about spirituality. His lessons are shared in satsangs through conversation, mediation, worships and yoga. What makes the experience even more noteworthy is the serenity that dominates the entire place.

Rishikesh is more than just saints and divinity. The environment is what enhances one’s experience, encompassing breathtaking landscapes and sights that are simply incomparable. The natural beauty adds up to the tranquility and it altogether becomes a haven for the ones who seek leisure away from the city amidst nature.

We will provide travelers with every sort of facility to make their holidays splendid. One’s spiritual journey will begin at the ashram where the holy saint will share his valuable lessons with everyone. People can partake in activities such as yoga and worship at the enchanted spots as well.

Prem Baba Rishikesh 2018 Tours

Tours to popular destinations will include breaks for shopping, eating, clicking pictures and so on. Moreover, we will provide trips to Ashrams, arrange appointments with other guru, swami or yoga experts and fix accommodations, camping facilities and not to forget night-outs at the ashram.

Conclusively, we wish to simplify one’s effort in organizing his/her vacation by lending a helping hand in everything and let our visitors rest assured with every essential requirement for his/her trip.

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