Goodnight my love Songs, love messages and images download

Goodnight My Love Songs, Images & Messages

Addressing our beloved is one of the constantly appearing concern for everyone. It is honest to accept that we always give a thought to what to say when it comes to greeting our beloved.

Saying something  like Goodnight my love sounds very sweet. We can play around with words actually and through poesy express our love for our beloved.

“Good night my love. The day will be brighter tomorrow

Just as how you’ll be even more cheerful and full of life.”


Here are some best Goodnight My Love songs of all times:

Goodnight my love song by Paul Anka. (English song )


Goodnight video song download (Hindi) – Funny song

Good night video song with lyrics – very simple song that everyone can understand

Good night Tamil video song



The night is shrouded with complete darkness.  But my love will always shine on you like the moon

On the night sky, guarding you from horrible nightmares, lighting up your night with the sweetest dreams

Good Night honey!

Goodnight My love Message:

Nights are silent, nights are peaceful

Modestly offering the atmosphere

For all of life to rest, to regenerate

So will our love regenerate amidst all of  this

And strengthen the might of our everlasting bond

I wish you a fulfilling slumber

Good night my love.



“A night is a preparation for a new day, a new beginning

A chance for us to refresh our relations, and connect better

Sleep well and forget all the tensions we face

Tomorrow will always be welcoming for our bliss

Goodnight my love and sleep tight!”



“Look upon the sky and you will see

The members of the night sky shining free

The night reflects your smile, the shine reflects your tenderness

Giving comfort and life to the prevailing darkness. Goodnight my night!”



Goodnight My Love SMS:

The night is wondrous

As beautiful as the princess you are

Who shines the moonless midnight of my mind

Dream big dear. GoodNight my love!


I’ll be the spiritual bodyguard to your majestic slumber

And chase away every foul nightmare daring to threaten you

Goodnight my love.

Goodnight My Love image:

Every day is a new beginning

Every night is a preparation for it

Sleep tonight with the essence of our love

And wake up tomorrow for a great start!

Good night my love.

Goodnight sweet dream image for lover

Cute good night pic for her

Romantic goodnight image for girlfriend

Romantic Good night msg

“Meeting you has freed me from the catacombs of my mind

Liberated me from the clutches of isolation

This night might seem lonely for you but please realize

That I’m forever in your heart and will remain to remind you of how special you are

Goodnight my love.”


Good night msg for girlfriend or boyfriend 

“Nights are lovely, they are melancholic yet satisfying

Even if we are distanced away we are bound by heart and soul

Enjoy this lovely night, my love moons over you

Goodnight my love and wake up to be always the best person.”

Funny goodnight image

Goodnight wallpaper with Hindi quote

Goodnight quote image with rose

Good night love wallpaper

Gud night image message

Goodnight love quote wallpaper

Romantic goodnight love wallpaper

Love quote image for girlfriend

Funny love message for girlfriend

Here is an evergreen Goodnight my Love Song by BEATLES (Johnn Lennon)

Here is another Good night msg that you can send to your love

Dreams are the what they say to be

The ways where the soul explores

I hope my soul explores to meet you on this beautiful night

Goodnight my love and sleep tight.

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