X Japanese Cars in Australia, Used Car Dealers / Sellers, Address, Phone Number

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Address and phone number of sellers and dealers of Used cars / X Japanese Cars in Australia:

Find contact information of Japanese used card dealers and sellers inn Australia. All information are collected from internet research and business directories. We are not the primary source of the information. Therefore, we request you to properly verify before entering into any deal.

Australian Motors SA

Morphett Vale SA, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8307 2400


X Japanese Cars Prestige Honda

Melville WA, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 9317 5700


Australian X Japanese Vehicle Locators

South Melbourne VIC, Australia

Phone:  +61 3 9690 2038


Australian Motors Group Cairns for Used Japanese Car

Bungalow QLD, Australia

Phone:  +61 7 4052 1366


Prestige Auto Traders of used Japan Cars

Rozelle NSW, Australia

Phone:  +61 2 8755 2200


Australian Motors Mazda – Japanese second hand cars

Edwardstown SA, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 8193 9700


X Japan Motors City Minchinbury

Minchinbury NSW, Australia

Phone:  +61 2 8883 8888


Sydney City Toyota Waterloo Used Japanese Second-hand Cars

Toyota Dealer

Waterloo NSW, Australia

Phone:  +61 2 9690 9999


Action Motors  for used Japanese car

Cannington WA, Australia

Phone:  +61 478 767 777


John Hughes Japanese Used Cars

Victoria Park WA, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 9415 0666


Aus Vehicle Sales – X Japanese Cars

Bassendean WA, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 9464 8844


OzCar / Australian Fleet Sales for X Japan Vehicles

Campbelltown NSW, Australia

Phone:  +61 1300 889 776


Chadstone Toyota X Cars

Oakleigh VIC, Australia

Phone:  +61 3 9568 0933


Used Japanese CMI Toyota Adelaide

Adelaide SA, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8238 5555


 Jarvis Ford Gepps Cross

Gepps Cross SA, Australia

Phone:  +61 1300 137 711


Melton Toyota

Melton VIC, Australia

Phone:  +61 3 8746 0300


CarsGuide- X Japanese

Surry Hills NSW, Australia

Phone:  +61 1300 662 133


Australian Motors Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Dealer

Wayville SA, Australia

Phone:  +61 8 8179 3666


Australian Motors Townsville Used Japanese Cars

Garbutt QLD, Australia

Phone:  +61 7 4775 5200


In case you want to import X Japanese cars directly from Japan, Here are the Addresses of used Japanese Cars Exporter in Japan:

Car Junction:

1F Center Plaza,

Asaka Shi, 2-12-13 Asashigaoka,

Saitama Ken,


Zip: 351-0035

Mobile No: +8190-6512 7444

Whatsapp No: +8190-9685 6566

Landline Ph: +8190-9685 6566

Email: info@CarJunction.com


X Japanese car brands that have high demands in the market

 Nissan: Nissan is one of those companies that have been serving the automobile industry in Japan since the 1950’s. The prominence of the company progressively rose over the years to lucrative heights with rising exports to countries across the globe.

They are known to be the sixth largest and sustainable automobile manufacturers and to aid the cause of the environmental concern, they have become the largest manufacturer of electronic vehicles. X Japanese Nissan cars have good resale value

Mazda: Mazda has been manufacturing automobiles for the whole world and is one of the largest distributors of the industry.

Being ranked as the fifteenth largest automaker, they have made an outstanding record of manufacturing 1.5 million cars to be sold across the globe. Cars that befit the concerns of both the owner and the environment is their vision of innovation.

Lexus: Lexus is Japan’s largest global brand for marketing. Lexus X Japanese Cars are popular all over the world. It is known for manufacturing world-class luxury cars ranging from SUVs to high-ranking sedans. Initially it started as a sub-division of Toyota and has extended its marketing reach to over seventy countries, establishing its own significant identity in the remarkable world of automobiles.

Mitsubishi motors:The Company is ranked sixth amongst the largest Japanese automakers and is also the sixteenth largest distributor in the international market.

They have remained in significant prominence ever since the times of World War 2 for manufacturing air-craft engines and still has a record for manufacturing parts for trains, planes and complete trucks. Mitsubishi is a name that reflects the industrial glory of Japan. X Japanese Mitsubishi cars have the same glory.

Isuzu Motors Ltd: Isuzu motors is known for producing vehicles that are widely preferred and distributed in the commercial market.

The automaker specializes in diesel engines for trucks, buses, heavy-duty vehicles and luxury cars used invariably in the domestic sectors and they have significantly rose in prominence in the international commercial market as well. Used Isuzu cars have also demands in the market.

Subaru:Subaru is known for manufacturing distinctive cars that are preferred worldwide. It is ranked twenty second amongst the highest automakers and distributors of the world. Most people prefer the specifications of their design or technology.

They use a systematic all-wheel drive that provides great suspension and the powerful boxer engine for outstanding performance.

Suzuki:Suzuki has the widest coverage of manufacturing for the automobile industry. It specializes not only in cars or heavy-duty engines but also produces beneficial units for the commercial market. Their sales have expanded to various countries and is now the world’s tenth largest distributor. Suzuki also has a reputation in making world-class motor cycles, marine engines and other relevant automobile accessories. X Japanese Suzuki vehicles have the highest demand in the market.

Daihatsu:The Company is known to be the oldest manufacturers of ‘kei’ vehicles in Japan that includes small cars, pick-up trucks and internal combustion engines. It has maintained a reputation in the international market as well with compact cars and light-weight vehicles that befit the private lives of people.

Honda Motor Company: Honda is a globally recognized name in the automobile industry and specializes on innovative design/technology for cars, planes, marine equipment, bikes and power generators.

Honda motors is also the first ever Japanese automaker who have released a luxury brand of their own, namely Acura. Honda is also involved in the AI or robotic sectors and looks out for the innovations of tomorrow. All X Japanese cars from Honda have great value.

Infiniti: Infinity Motors specializes on luxury vehicles and the former initially started production in the United States of America and had no significant coverage in the domestic Japanese market.

However sales rose to prominent heights and now they are one of the largest distributors of luxury cars and automobile productions for over fifty countries across the world. Infiniti was a part of Nissan and has now established itself in the international luxury market of automobiles.

Toyota: Toyota has gained immense recognition in the automobile industry. They are ranked as the second largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive units and is also ranked ninth in terms of revenue in the whole world. Toyota X Japanese motors are very popular in Australia.

They have also maintained an outstanding record of producing over ten million vehicles every year starting from 2012. They certainly have achieved brilliance in the industry by leading international market sales in electronic vehicles and hybrid cars.

Dome: The joys of motoring and the sportsmanship of racing is what drives the passion of Dome. They have started manufacturing sports cars from a time when such was not a sustainable form of business.

Eventually, Dome grew with innovations and have earned a significant spot in formula one (F1) racing cars. Furthermore they have been subcontracted by the automotive giants like Honda and Toyota for sports car development purposes.

Mitsuoka: Mitsuoka Motors is one of first ten manufacturers of automobiles after the emergence of Honda in Japan. They have a distinct style in manufacturing cars, inheriting classic British designs and moving it away from conventional forms.

Acura: It is Japan’s first luxury brand for automobiles and is well-known for the manufacturing of high-performance vehicles, including impressive SUVs and sports cars.

It was an initiative of Honda to start a luxury brand that would revolutionize the condition of motoring after which other automobile giants like Nissan and Toyota joined in with their luxury brands.

Yamaha: Yamaha has always been a prominent name in the automobile industry of Japan. Apart from automobiles and motor cycles the company specializes in musical instruments such as guitars and pianos, sports, marine and electronic equipment.

 It has expanded its marketing limits across the globe with the most renowned sports bikes, automobile engines and not to forget, it is the leading piano manufacturer of the world. Yamaha X Japanese bikes also have huge demands in Australia.

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