100 Best Whatsapp status updates of 2017

It is better to notice the petals of a rose than the thorns of the stem.


Brotherhood is the superlative building block of humanity.


One strong will leads towards the brightest ways in life.


Home is my paradise on mother earth!


Into the void is where I stare.


Spiritual peace is the mission of existence.


Don’t hunt what you can’t kill.


You see a bright person in the mirror every morning.


On the way for delightful holidays!


The world is a bright place to be, unless you switch off the lights.


Beauty is temporary, the spirit is permanent.


Our life is a preparation of our final identity.


Target to becoming a well-mannered and better human being.


Optimism and pessimism are two divergent roads from the same point. Where we go depends on us?


Please leave a message as I’m in an important meeting right. Thank you


The seven deadly sins are just truths we need to accept and live.


The universe conspires to make us happy.


Every fatal end as a new beginning. Every night has its dawn.


The solution is not always simple.


Easy money doesn’t always decide your complete potential.


The power of realization is what makes us man.


Hope and faith is the spiritual art of patience.


Your shine illuminates the dark void where I’m trapped in.


These words are dedicated to the loveliest soul reading it right now. To the good times ahead too!


Try and try until you fly. But never fly too high or you’ll get close to the sun.


The streams of a river are as fluent as your voice when you speak.


The world always offers music for those who listen.


Idealism is surreal. Realism is ideal.


Impossibility is the biggest paradox of human thought.


The smallest things in life offer lessons worth a lifetime.


Never search what you can’t trace.


The past has expired but the future is coming soon.


Pride is a friend but vanity is a foe.


Victory lies ahead of hard work. Even if it is far it certainly does lie ahead.


Today is God’s way of saying ‘go break a leg again’.


Happiness lies within the self. Not outside the being.


Money is for survival. Passion is for happiness.


Let us look back to the times when memories were made. Aren’t you glad to be alive now?


If you are reading this, you just wasted an important minute of your life.


What you see is what you realize. What you hear is what you think.


It takes a lifetime to build a reputation that you can lose in less than minute.


Plant the seeds of optimism and enjoy the petals of happiness in the future.


Ethics define our personality.


Nothing is ever late to start in this world.


You are the myriad of blissful things in my life.


Time waits for none but it rewards the punctual.


Hitting the road towards a successful professional life.


We are all universal citizens bound by similarities and not separated by differences.


Laugh out loud. It is the best exercise for your face.


What is done can never be undone, but it can certainly be redone in a different way.


My simplified life compels me to think more and think for the better.


There can never a winner without a loser. The world simply maintains a balance.


What if your life was a movie? Mine would have been a blockbuster parody.


Everyone has the power to choose whether he should be angry, peaceful, happy or sad.


Our deeds justify and establish our identities in reality.


We think which is why we exist and survive.


Try to be the eagle of all birds who dominates the highest parts of the sky.


Expressions should be shared. The suppressed ones often explode fatally.


There’s a saying that if we sleep less now we’ll get to sleep more in the near future. Similarly, vice-versa.


If procrastination can’t be overcome work certainly can be overdone.


It is a matter of how we accept criticism that affects our work.


The fault is not in our stars but within us.


We feel dislocated when we lose track of ourselves.


There is no point in celebrating the victories of war over a thousand deaths.


Nature is beautiful and so are you.


The law of Karma strikes everyone.


Better to be late than to never start at all. Because it is never too late for everything.


I like to smile a lot. It just makes me cheerful if I actually am not.


An ordinary line if worked upon turns into a drawing.


If you feel low look back at why it happened and also what kept you happy.


Some names have lived through centuries even after death. I’m sure you can do the same as well.


If we don’t love ourselves we can never appreciate life in any way.


Even if we don’t do well we can always make it look good.


If you’re reading this then I guess I have successfully taken a few seconds of your valuable time.


Change is the only constant in this universe. Nothing is permanent, nothing will ever be.


Slow and steady doesn’t win the race anymore. You have to be fast and steady.


Happiness lies in harmonizing with nature.


Maturity is realizing the difference between idealism and realism.


Can you believe how creative God is? Just look at me!


Beautiful women always motivate me work out and achieve success.


Never kill the child within, for he holds the essence of your creativity and innocence.


The gap between innocence and experience is realization.


I wonder how people get through life without reading books.


Art is neither right nor wrong. It is on us to decide through art itself.


The truth is always hidden, unless we decide to dig deeper into the surface.


Some books are like icebergs. You never know the depth unless you observe underneath.


I am not lonely if you’re reading this and smiling right now.


The best pictures are the candid moments captured instantly.


We try to avoid all sorts of negativity yet over think too many problems.


I don’t run away from hard work because I’m too lazy to run in the first place.


Our life has million tales to tell. One has to make it into history amongst all of them.


People search your name on Facebook now. Work hard so that they may search you on Google next.


We are all trapped in our own cage of thoughts. It is time to open ourselves in the real world.


Today I miss those high school years where life was nothing but paradise.


Honestly towards your own self has always resulted in good outcomes.


There is always a brighter day for the darkest night.


Life teaches us several things. Survival is one of them. And only the fittest do survive.


If you believe you have the potential to rise trust me, you definitely will.


No one is perfect. Nor is anyone talentless. We all start from the same point.


The highest price one can pay is that of negligence.


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