NRC Assam 2nd list Online Check final draft অসমীয়া, English, বাংলা

NRC Second List Assam Final Draft Online Check

NRC Online Check: Lakhs of people are trying to download the NRC draft or check their name online.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is an initiative taken by the Indian government to classify citizens as ‘Indians’. Now, you can avail NRC online check facility in Assamese, English and Bengali.

The government of Assam is now taking effective measures to update the national register and hence tackle the problems of infiltration that has outnumbered the native population of Assam since the past few decades.

The NRC draft is declared as per schedule and people can check their names online. Now you can avail NRC online check. The government has facilitated various options to check names in NRC on website or through telephone calls. But you need not worry, if your name is missing in the first draft. Various modifications will take place at a later stage.

How to download NRC Assam 2nd list – final draft? 

  1. For any purpose, the initial step is always to visit official website of Assam Government. On the official site, you may get a downloading option.
  2. To check your name, fill the required formalities. This includes one’s gender, district, name, voter age and voter ID serial number.
  3. The results will be generated as soon as the user clicks on the search tab.
  4. After having rendered this digital process one can go through the information conveniently.
  5. There may be an option in the page for downloading that particular draft. So, one can download and print it later for future verification purposes.

প্ৰকাশিত এন আৰ চিত আপোনাৰ নাম পৰীক্ষা কৰাৰ ৫টা উপায়

১/ আপোনাৰ নাম সংশ্লিষ্ট এন আৰ চি সেৱা কেন্দ্ৰ (এনএছকে)ত ৰখা আংশিক খচৰাৰ ছপা কৰা প্ৰতিলিপিত চাব পাৰিব: ১জানুৱাৰী ২০১৮ তাৰিখৰ পৰা পুৱা ৮.০০বজাৰ পৰা বিয়লি ৪.০০ বজালৈ আৰু ২জানুৱাৰী ২০১৮ৰ পৰা ৩১জানুৱাৰী ২০১৮তাৰিখলৈ সকলো কৰ্মদিনৰ পুৱা ১০.০০ বজাৰ পৰা বিয়লি ৪.০০ বজালৈ চাব পাৰিব।

২/ এন আৰ চিৰ আংশিক খচৰাত আপোনাৰ নাম অনলাইনযোগে চাব পাৰিব: and

৪) আংশিক খচৰাত আপোনাৰ নাথ থকা সন্দৰ্ভত বিচাৰিলেই পাব পৰা এছএমএছৰ জৰিয়তে

আপুনি আংশিক খচৰাত নাম থকা সন্দৰ্ভত জানিবলৈ ৩১ ডিচেম্বৰ ২০১৭ তাৰিখৰ মাজনিশাৰ পিছত ARN ঠাই এৰি আবেদনপত্ৰ প্ৰাপ্তিৰ নম্বৰ(ARN) লিখি 9765556555 বা 9108464438 বা 91084644450 নম্বৰলৈ পঠিয়াব পাৰে।

উদাহৰনস্বৰূপে- যদি আপোনাৰ *ARN 101856721980000087961 হয়, তেতিয়াহ’লে ARN 101856721980000087961 লিখি 9765556555 বা 9108464438 বা 9108464450 নম্বৰলৈ পঠিয়াই দিব। উত্তৰত আংশিক খচৰাত নাম থকা সন্দৰ্ভত এছএমএছ যোগে আপোনাক জনাই দিয়া হ’ব।

৫)আমাৰ 24X7 বিনামূলীয়া হেল্পলাইন নম্বৰ 15107 লৈ(অসমৰ বাবে) আৰু 18003453762 লৈ(অসমৰ বাহিৰৰ পৰা) ফোন কৰি আপোনাৰ নাম আংশিক খচৰা এন আৰ চি’ত থকা সম্পৰ্কে জানিব পাৰিব।

মনত ৰাখিব

১)যিসকল আবেদনকাৰীৰ মোবাইলত DO NOT DISTURB(DND) সক্ৰিয় হৈ আছে, তেওঁলোকে কোনো সঁহাৰি নাপায়। তেওঁলোকে অন্য নম্বৰ ব্যৱহাৰ কৰি, য’ত DND পঞ্জীয়ন নাই, আগতীয়াকৈ পঞ্জীয়ন কৰিব পাৰিব।

২)বৰফলা আখৰত ARN টাইপ কৰিব।


অনুগ্ৰহ কৰি মন কৰক

১)গুৱাহাটী মহানগৰীৰ আবেদনকাৰীসকলে পূৰ্বৰ ৬০টা ৱাৰ্ড অনুসাৰে ৱাৰ্ড নম্বৰ উল্লেখ কৰিব লাগিব।

২)ARN মানে এপ্লিকেচন ৰিচিপ্ট নম্বৰ(ARN means Application Receipt Number)


বিশদ জানিবলৈ আৰু সহায়ৰ বাবে

আমাৰ 24X7  বিনামূলীয়া হেল্পলাইন নম্বৰত ফোন কৰক 15107(অসমৰ বাবে) 18003453762(অসমৰ বাহিৰৰ পৰা)




৩)আংশিক খচৰাত নিজৰ নাম থকাৰ সন্দৰ্ভত স্বয়ংক্ৰিয় ভাৱে এছএমএছ প্ৰাপ্তিৰ জৰিয়তে

ক)9765556555 বা 9108464438 নম্বৰলৈ এছএমএছ পঠিয়াই আপোনাৰ মোবাইল নম্বৰটো আগতীয়াকৈ পঞ্জীয়ন কৰাই লওক। ( Preregistration has expired)

খ)যদি আপুনি আগতীয়া পঞ্জীয়নৰ সুবিধা গ্ৰহণ কৰে, তেন্তে ৩১ ডিচেম্বৰ ২০১৭ তাৰিখৰ মাজনিশাৰ পিছত আংশিক খচৰাত আপোনাৰ নাম থকাৰ সম্পৰ্কে আপুনি স্বয়ংক্ৰিয় এছএমএছ বাৰ্তা পাব।  (( Preregistration has expired))

গ)আগতীয়া পঞ্জীয়নৰ বাবে আৰ্হি হ’ল ARN ঠাই এৰি আবেদনপত্ৰ প্ৰাপ্তিৰ নম্বৰ(ARN)। উদাহৰণস্বৰূপে যদি আপোনাৰ 101856721980000087961 হয়, তেন্তে 10185672198000007961 লিখি 9765556555 বা 9108464438 বা 9108464450 নম্বৰলৈ পঠিয়াই দিব। ( Preregistration has expired)

ঘ)এই সেৱা ২৮ ডিচেম্বৰ ২০১৭ৰ পৰা সক্ৰিয় হ’ব আৰু ৩১ ডিচেম্বৰ ২০১৭ তাৰিখৰ বিয়লি ৬.০০ বজা পৰ্য্যন্ত সক্ৰিয় হৈ থাকিব।

How can you verify your name or check your name on Final NRC list ?

To be precise, the NRC contains database that classifies Native Indian Citizens. This register was initially prepared during 1951 after the declaration of the Indian census in the same year. The NRC was in-fact made possible because of the information which the census provides.

Information regarding every particular, ranging from birth date to number of family members and place of origin is taken from the census and after having confirmed the person’s identity enumerated in the census list the NRC classifies them under the undisputed label ‘Indian Citizens’.

In bureaucratic terms, this national register is proof that an individual rightfully belongs to the country and his/her constitutional rights can neither be ceased nor hampered, whereas an inverse effect will take place for the non-citizens of India.

Check your name on NRC Final draft online

NRC Assam’s official website is accessible 24×7 and can be viewed by anyone at any time. The websites are,,, . The home page will have all the official formalities one must fill up in order to proceed ahead.

 5 steps to check your name in the online records of the NRC draft

  1. First you’ll have to visit the official websites
  2. You’ll be offered three languages to choose, namely English, Assamese and Bengali.
  3. There are particulars you need to fill up such as your district, voter ID serial number and your full name, voter age and gender.
  4. Finally click on the search tab to generate your results.
  5. After a matter of seconds your results will be showcased in the following webpage.

WE have also posted the guidelines in Bengali at the bottom of this page. Kindly check. Soon, we will also post the guidelines in Assamese.

Overview of NRC Assam

NRC Assam is an effort to solve the issues of the state’s economy and population crisis. Moreover, statistics show that less than 30% of the native people now remain in the state, which means that there already is over-half of a foreign population. Due to such facts the government has taken strict measures to solve this immigration crisis.

Verification Process of NRC Asom

The NRC Assam’s verification process consists of two parts, one is official verification and the other is field verification.

Field verification will be carried on by assigned officials who will record/confirm identities with special reference to the legacy data. One’s roots, family background will be traced back to ancestors to verify the place/time of origin. The authority maintains a quasi-judicial order as per the requirement of the Citizenship Act (1955) and the Issue of National Identity card Rules (2003) when the process is rendered.

Once the field working teams confirm the identities that are to be included in the national register, the other part of the verification process will be carried on, which is the Office Verification. The office team will validate the documents during the phase of Application Form Receipt.

Once identities are verified the name’s inclusion in the official draft will be complete and will further be updated in the official website where you can check your name online in the online records.

The final draft will be prepared by specifically assigned officials. Let us briefly go through the procedure to know more about the NRC Assam draft.

The Registrar General of Citizens Registration (RGCR) holds the overall power and control to supervise the procedure of preparing the draft. The authority of updating the official register is vested to the National Registrar as per the rules of the Citizenship Act (2003)

The DCR (Director of Citizens Registration) will be a supervisor for field operations and will also represent the RGI at state level. This officer will also be regarded as the Director of Census Operations and has all the right to maneuver the process as per practical requirements to ensure flawless updating of the draft.

5 ways to check NRC Online 

NRC Online Check

One very important norm listed as rule 5 of the Citizenship Rules (2003) is that every government official, be it state owned or local bodies shall assist the RGCR in the process. They are authorized to provide any essential requirement for obtaining the correct information regarding a person and his/her family.

The Assam State Government will assist the Central Government in updating the country’s National Register of 1951. Regarding Assam, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) will be in-charge of monitoring and supervising teams for every district. The State Coordinator will act as a messenger and provide information about field stats to the commissioner.

Sub-divisional officers and additional DC’s will also remain under complete control of the Deputy Commissioner.  They will be called Additional District Registrar of Citizen registration (ADRCR). Regarding villages a local LRCR office will be established. The DRCR will be responsible for the jurisdiction of this office after the SCNR from NRC field verification approves the former.

Who is responsible for maintaining records of citizens in the NRC

LRCR officers will be responsible for collecting and maintaining records of citizens for higher officials to analyze later. Once the entire process gets validated without errors and once identities get included into the final draft, such a post for officers will be publicized for the local knowledge of the public and perhaps for the cause of employment as well.

Local Officers (LO), Field Level Officers (FLO) and Verification Teams (VTs) will remain as assistors for the LRCRs and ultimately will help the DCR in getting the necessary information to confirm any citizen’s identity. Authorities will provide mass amounts of manpower for the cause of employing as well as to get the job done with ease and precision under a short period of time.

So, this whole process is a network of centrally and state owned officials who will take the effort of classifying the rightful citizens of India. The Assam draft will therefore be prepared by the Deputy Commissioner, which will later be showcased to the state government. The name verification process will confirm the draft and will eventually be updated in the National Register of Citizens (1951).

What to do if your name does not appear while NRC online checking 

Firstly, one need not worry if his/her name does not appear in the first listings as it is still an on-going process pursued by the state government. However, to confirm that the person’s submitted details are correct he/she may follow the following steps.

  1. Visit your local centre and confirm all the information you provided. He will be able to contact concerned officials as the Citizenship Act lists all such people with the duty of helping the higher officials in every way to provide the essential and precise official.
  2. Contact the LRCR. If one finds trouble getting in touch with the concerned officer he/she may consider taking help from other Local officers or members of the Verification Teams (VTs).
  3. Once the concerned officials are contacted the information will most probably be revised immediately or perhaps sometime later during the next inclusion process and the name should appear as the final draft gets updated online.


Don’t worry, if your name is missing in the NRC online checking. It’s the first draft only. Have patience and wait. Please note that the process is not complete yet. Recent news states that the Chief Minister of Asom, Sarbananda Sonowal’s deadline, which is 31st December 2017, is somewhat contradictory. This is because the state coordinator submitted the latest statistics to the Supreme Court and the information reveals to public that 1.23 crore applicants are yet to be verified.

This certainly is a high number and there are possibilities that the process might take longer. Even if the register gets updated by then it is likely that government officials will further keep updating it till everyone’s identities are confirmed. If one’s name is not listed he/she may contact officials and confirm the submitted details before authorities re-update it.

Hence, we can finally conclude by stating that this would be a turning point for the people of Assam, because foreigners (Bangladeshis) seemed to have outnumbered the population drastically and to sustain the Assamese culture as well as ‘identity’ and to solve the economic, spatial, population issues it is necessary to take such legitimate measures.

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