Sample Congratulations messages for all occasions

  • My heartiest congratulation to you for your achievements which you deserved long back. Keep on reaching the milestone with full of grace.
  • A new job comes along with new responsibilities and new challenges but I believe that you will handle them like a pro like you did every other time. Accept my best wishes for your achievement.
  • It is not easy for everyone to fight the way you fought to reach the stage where you are today. I hope success arrives at your feet with every step that you take.
  • Deep in my heart, I always believed that you are capable of more than you had. And you proved me right today. I couldn’t be any more happier for you that today I believe.
  • It brings me utter joy upon learning about your achievements. All the best for you future and I hope you keep on fulfilling your dreams.
  • There was a time when I saw you fighting day and night to get a job. And now, it satisfies me to see you reach the stage from where no one can pull you down.
  • When everyone considered you the weakest of all, deep in my heart, I always believed that there is no one stronger than you. And today, with your achievements, you proved that you are invisible.
  • Your success came faster than your defeats and I hope for the rest of your life, your keep achieving success this way.
  • Congratulations on your promotion and I believe, with the skills you have, you will be able to manage this position better than anyone else.
  • Congratulation on successful acing one of the toughest exams. I am extremely happy for your success.
  • You have the every quality that one would look for in their dad. My heartiest congratulation and welcome to the dad world.
  • The way you care for every child you see shows what a caring mom you can be. Your baby is one of the luckiest babies to have a mom like you.
  • The way you worked hard day and night, you deserved this success long back. But it is better late than never and my heartiest congratulation to you for your achievement.
  • Congratulation to the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. I hope you two live together to the end.
  • I am extremely happy on hearing about the arrival of the new baby in house, May he bring joy and happiness in the family.
  • I hope you had a good day in the first day of your job. Congratulation on your achievement.
  • On your anniversary, I wish you two could keep on celebrating your anniversaries till your last breathe.
  • There was hardly any other person who worked hard as you do and now I wish the utmost success for you.
  • Your promotion didn’t awe me as I saw it coming long back. And I hope you reach the top.
  • Wishing you all the luck on the arrival of your child. The best days of your life are on their way.

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