Long Good Morning & Good Night Messages for Whatsapp & Facebook


Morning comes giving hopes, smiles, dreams.

Every day every morning,  life gives a new start.

Sun rises ending  the darkness.  Get up again, collect your courage.

Every day is a opportunity , new start,  new day.

Good morning.



In the moment  of peaceful night,

moon looks cold and stars look bright.

Friend,  go to bed sleep tight.

To wake up tomorrow in beautiful sunlight.



With a beautiful smiling  face and heart full of love.

Body at ease and mind in peace.

Tummy full of food,  eyes full of sleep.

Good night my son have sweet dreams.



Sky full of wings wide open, symphony of thousands Robins.

Breezes of cold wind and a blissful sun rise.

May your day goes beautiful and wonderful, just as God created every morning.


Dreams of all night sleep, hopes of love in heart.

Wake up in this beautiful morning and start working hard.

To turn hopes into fact and to achieve dreams fast.

Have a good day pal!



A new day is like a blank page, waiting to be filled with magical colours.

Come out of your bed for this wonderful.

It’s your time to paint a rainbow and make your way to become a super star.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy morning.



Fire in the soul and glittering dreams in the eyes,

Hard work is key and patience is the price.

Look only forward don’t not turn back,

You are capable and you know that.

Start your morning to make a bigger impact, you can do it and I know that.

Good morning my friend!



In my loss and in my grief. In my celebration and in my wins

In my silence and in my screams

Thanks for your support where ever I need.

 Because without you, I would have never feel complete

I am lucky to have such a beautiful day.


Became fortunate by knowing you and pleasured by your presence.

Glad on having you, happy by your essence

You became my home and your arms my paradise.

Come back soon, feeling major missing my love.

Without you my world goes fade, waiting to see smile of your beautiful pretty face.

Good morning sweetie.



Yesterday was Learning . Today is Exam. Tomorrow is Blank.

Learn from yesterday, apply on today and don’t forget about tomorrow.

Sleep well tonight to work on optimistic dreams tomorrow,

for the well being of your better future.

Good night sleep tight.