Good night love messages for whatsapp


You might have a hard time today, so lie down to rest.

Always remember that I am with you in your difficult times, and my mind thinks of your every time.

Good night & sweet dreams, my love.



Finally, here is a beautiful night for you.

It is when I think of you and miss you every day.

Just make sure that you rest properly.

Sweet Dreams, my dear.



Every day is special to me, as God has gifted you in my life.

 I see your face shining as the stars do at night.

Sleep tight, baby.



Even in my dreams, I see your glittering face every night.

I know you are blushing while reading this.

Good night 🙂



Even in the darkest night, I wish to walk in between the streets with you holding your hands.

Sleep well.



Goodnight my dear, I hope you have pleasant dreams every night.



As the nightlife gets darker every day, free away your worries

And let them fade away from your life.

Take care.



Be thankful for this beautiful night

that you are experiencing along with the entire world.

The environment at night is mind-blowing.



I know you feel blessed every time you look up at the sky.

Do you know you are a perfect fit in this beautiful world?

Sleep well.



When you look into my eyes and when I look at you,

I wish to stare at you rather than the skies at night.

Even the stars up in the sky, are not as beautiful as your eyes.

Goodnight, my love.