Creative Good Night Whatsapp Messages for lover, friends & parents


When the stars shine and the moon glows,

I will come to your dreams hush and slow.

Will stroke your hair until it’s bright,

I will hold you tight all night…


Have you ever seen a lightning spark,

It is witnessed when the night is dark.

You can shine whether it’s day or night,

All you need is a wilful might.


Nights are beautiful gifts wrapped with starry skies, gazing moon and lovely dreams about you..


When you have worked up-to your last shred,

Tired and stressed,  you lay in your bed.

Just close your eyes and believe yourself

Have a sound sleep to fight the battle ahead.


It’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay if nothing went according to your plans.

Stop thinking about it, eat good food and have a sound sleep.

The day is over not life.


When the nights are numb and cold,

When you can’t be that bold

When you have lost all your strength, and you wish to hold my hand.

Just close your eyes, I’ll be there,

Standing beside you holding a beer


The night is long but if you come along,

I promise, i will again be strong.

Please, stay with me here tonight,

I once again wanna spend a peaceful night


The sun came down and the stars climbed up,

The sky is now soothing and all shimmered up.

Catch a blanket or have a pillow fight,

I am gonna sleep,so wish you a good night.


I wish you are okay Mom and Dad.

I may not be living with you but my heart is always with you.

 I don’t want you to worry about me.

 I am doing fine.

I love you both. Please have a sound health and sleep.


Being around you for the entire day and night, holding your hand and embracing you, sleeping in your arms and then too dreaming about you is the best way to spend my time.

Thank you for being with me.