Poetic Good night messages in English to wish your Whatsapp friends


What are sweet dreams made of?

Dreaming about spending time with your crush

Eating all of your favorite dishes

Living along with your favorite cartoon characters

Or with your role model whom you admire so much?

Whatever it is I wish you may have all of it tonight and sleep well.

Good night!



Wander through the astral planes

Glide through the world of dreams

Create magic and fly into the sky

For it is only this moment when one can completely detach from real life

I wish you the best night and awesome dreams.

Good Night!



Our dreams are only reflections of how we think and act throughout our life.

Nightmares are merely signs of our weakness and fearful thoughts.

Let us channel the positivity within us to think and act efficiently through the days so that the dreams we have when we sleep are invigorating.


The silence and tranquility of the night is quite artistic

It is so quiet, yet it hums a natural tune

That soothes the mind and allows us to lie down without fear

The night comfort us to sleep so that that we may have strength for the upcoming day

Good night dear friend!



The sun and the moon are not enemies for not being together

But rather companions who have separated for life to continue

It is a lesson for us to know that one sacrifice can lead to more life

A life of rewards and eternal bliss


Sleep, sleep, sleep

Time is going really quick

You will be a sloth if you are awake too late

Or a cheetah running for its prey

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Early and you will be healthy

Sleep now and wake up with complete energy

Good night sleep tight sugary dreams!



There are many things that we do not see but it exists in real life.

Like how we cannot see the stars from the city but clearly from the mountains.

It is a matter of place and perception.

The night gives us many more lessons as such.

Let’s think about such signs and put ourselves to sleep in this marvelous night!



Darkness is not temporary, but light is. Darkness exist when there is no light.

It is a time when we can reflect on ourselves and see for what we really are.

The night is a time for self-discovery and innovation.

I wish you a very good night and all the success in the future!



If you can manage between working and sleeping efficiently tonight

you are definitely making concrete steps to the ladder of success.

I wish you all the luck in your life, enough time to work

and also undisputed sleep for the late hours of the night.

Best night to you! 😊