Good Night wish messages for girlfriend & boyfriend


It’s your time to sleep.

May you have a wonderful dream and I wish you a very good night. Take care.



Do you see the stars sparkling in the sky?

 I like the way the stars shine in the sky,

You are also the one in my life who lit up my life in difficult times.



Baby, tomorrow is going to be a very special day for you.

So sleep well and I wish you sweet dreams.


None but you come in my thoughts and prayers every moment.

Have a great night ahead, dear.



Sometimes I dream of hugging you to wish you good night and to sleep tight.



Even though if we apart, I will remember you for the rest of my life.

 I will never forget you.

Trust me, my love.



May all the stars in the sky lighten your life every day and night.

Have sweet dreams.

Good night, my sweetheart.



My life is now in a better state as you come into my dreams every night.



Every morning I wake up with a smiling face because of you.

The same happens at night

Because I receive your text messages before going to bed.



Have you ever dreamt of a superhero flying in the nighttime

And coming to her partner’s house to hug and kiss her?

Well, I am your superhero 🙂



Every single night, I pray to God so that he can keep you safe

And protected all the time

Wish you a very good night, babe.



Will you meet me in the dreams, today?

No matter how long do I have to wait for that,

but I just want to see that dream come true one day.

The day is over, now the night has come to allow you to rest in this quiet world.



Sleep well today and don’t forget to wish me with your cute “good morning messages”.

Sweet Dreams, my love.



Whatever your day has been, do not let you sleep get ruined

Because of some silly happenings throughout the day

Everything will be fine.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams.



My dear, may the night’s gentle breezes keep you cool

And feel refreshed all night long.



Always end your day with a positive thought.

No matter how hard today has been,

but tomorrow a fresh new beginning is waiting for you.



I miss you so much because we are apart now.

In addition, not I am getting any chance to hold your hands

And kiss your forehead.

However, the best part is, we can both stare up at the same bright moon up in the sky.


Tonight, if I get a chance, I would not ignore to walk a thousand miles

Or more than that just to be with you, my love.

Take care.



The sun is tired and it is resting now.

However, do you see how the moon is dancing in joy?

I wish like the moon, you also dance with joy every moment in your life forever.

I wish you a romantic night, darling.