Most Popular 100 Indian Girl Names, Hindu Girl Names and meanings

Popular Indian Girl Names, Baby Names with meanings

The girl child is an embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi in Indian tradition

Lakshmi is one significant and centric deity in Hinduism. She is the goddess of wealth and good fortune. The girl child is symbolic of the same deity that signifies prosperity, especially when it comes to the context of family and fortune.

She is the bringer of good fortune and happiness. A girl child brings along with her the essence of the sacred feminine spirit which for centuries has been contradicted.

Congratulations on the birth of a baby girl.

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List of Top Indian Girl Names:


Hindu Girl Names

Starting with A

Anu Admiration, grace and benevolence
Aahi Pertaining to the spirit or the human soul
Aishwariya Immense wealth
Asha It implies hope and self-direction
Aayu Age and longevity
Ami One who is beloved
Abha Brilliance, luminous or brightness.
Aila Naturally bound. It is also the name of a river
Agna Kind and benevolent. Descriptive of chastity and purity as well.
Abha Luster, beautiful, glorious
Akshee Pertaining to beautiful eyes
Alak Refers to an utopia or beautiful world
Amba Durga the Hindu Goddess
Apra Incredibly smart, intelligent
Arka Light rays, the sun or lightening
Aska Devotional, spiritual and religious
Asvi She was the wife of the Hindu deity, Shiva
Atri A significant star in the sky was named Atri
Anya Distinct. Another representative name for goddess Durga
Asna The state of being pure.
Adhvi The surface or earth
Adhya A name for Ganesh, the Hindu God
Aditi Infinity or limitlessness
Afiya Refers to faithfulness and good health
Aqsha Spiritual blessings
Akriti The form or shape of something
Alicia Honesty and kind-heartedness
Almita Temporary, for a limited time
Amanda Beloved, dearly loved by others
Abhilasha The desire or ambitions of a person
Anisha Continuity of days, the peaceful moment late night
Anjana Hanuman, the Hindu God’s mother
Ankita The sun god’s baby, distinct specialty or mark
Anusha Descriptive of the entire universe, discipline
Aparna The state of being leafless, withering tree, gems.
Ashira To be full of wealth and happiness
Athena The Greek goddess of wisdom and skill

Indian baby Girl Names

Starting with B


Banita The feminine
Barkha Referring to rainfall
Bharati Knowledge, a name for Saraswati the Hindu Goddess
Bhavika Delightful, amusement and the state of cheerfulness
Bipasha Signifies a river and the peaceful state of its flow
Bindu A point or a dot. Also symbolic of the traditional dot women place on their forehead.

Indian female Names

starting with C, D


Chanda Implies the moon
Champa Beautiful flower, fragrance
Chandrima The illuminating moon
Daksha Pertaining to the Earth
Damini The lightning that flashes in prevalent storms
Dayanita The state of being soft and tender
Deepa Torch or a lamp that holds a flame
Deepti Luminous, to shine bright
Devashree A name for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth
Devika She was the mother of Krishna in Hindu mythology
Dhriti To be courageous
Drishti Refers to eye sight or overall spectacle

Hindu Girl Names

starting with E, F, G


Elina Greek reference to intelligence and purity
Esha Longing or desire
Eshani A name for the Hindu goddess, Parvati
Falguni Seasonal, born in the particular Hindu month Faagun
Gajra Garland, a tie of flowers
Ganga It is a famous Indian river
Gauri Beautiful, a name for goddess Parvati
Garima Power, dignity and honor
Gargi A name for goddess Durga or a learned, free-thinking woman
Gayatri A significant name in Hindu mythology
Gehna Jewellery
Gitanjali Poetry collection, a series of musical artistic expressions

Indian baby Girl Names

starting with H


Hansika A beautiful name for swans
Harita The color green
Harshita The state of being joyful
Heera Precios stones, crystal or diamond
Hemali Gilded body
Hena Denotes flowers
Hiya Describes sentimental feelings and the heart as well

Hindu Girl Names

starting with I, J


Indira Another name for the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi
Indrani Shiva’s wife in hindu mythology
Indu The moon
Ipsita Greed or human desire
Iravati Filled with milk or water. Relevant to Hindu myths.
Ishwari Literally meaning goddess
Jagriti Consciousness, to wake up
Jahnavi A name for the river Ganga
Jayashri A victorious chant, descriptive of triumphant feelings
Jharna Literally meaning stream or a small river
Jeevika Fluidity, water.
Jigyasa Describes the feelings of human curiosity
Jyoti Refers to the light or a flame

Indian Girl Names

starting with K


Kaavya Poems, artistic expressions
Kajol A common Hindu name meaning eye-liner
Kalpana Fantasy or imagination
Kavita Denotes poetry
Karishma Wonders and miracles
Kashika Brightness and immense shine
Khyati Recognition, well-famed
Khushboo Beautiful fragrance
Kokila Meaning the cuckoo bird
Kopal The bud of a flower, specifically the rose

Indian Girl Names

starting with L, M


Lavanya Courtesy
Leela Lord Krishna’s divine play. The celebration of joy and divinity
Madhuri A girl who is sweet and pure

Indian girl names symbolize the importance of the domestic sphere of life, where family is not an institution but a harmonized working network of love, affection and management.

A girl child is responsible for the well being of a family when the male is engaged in the economic margins following his respective duties. And most importantly, the girl child will one day grow up to produce life and contribute towards the significance of humanity.

Therefore, the girl child is not simply a bringer of good fortune or wealth but it goes far beyond that. She is the centre of the family and will be the laden mother of children who will live up to the expectations of society.

Indian girl names are far more than holy; she is the regulator of the prevalent balance within family. Without this realization we will never understand the truest essence of the sacred feminine and without a proper functioning of family everything will fall out of place.

In Indian tradition a girl lives for the happiness of the entire family and this definitely brings good fortune and sublime happiness to everyone. This is what ultimately means to be an embodiment of the sacred Goddess of fortune and happiness, Lakshmi.

In Indian tradition, a girl is compared with Lakshmi (The Goddess of Wealth). We are wishing All the Best to your baby girl.

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