How to Check if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp or not

Don’t Worry, if you are blocked by someone on Whatsapp. Because, you can know it.

Here are some ways:

Whatsapp has a feature that enables the user to block any of his/her contact. One can in-fact block multiple people with whom he/she does not want to talk to at the same time.

While there isn’t any specific way in the app through which you can check whether someone has blocked you or not, there are certain steps in which you can know the status of the same.

Check the Profile Picture

If you feel that someone has blocked you simply inspect the profile picture of the person. It does not change for blocked users. In other words, if the person updates his/her DP you will not be able to view that new picture. Either the old or default one will be displayed instead.

Check contact’s last seen or online status in the chat window

Blocked users won’t be able to view the contact’s last seen in the chat window. Although user’s have the option of manually disabling the ‘last seen’ feature in the app’s settings, this process can give you an idea whether you are blocked or not.

Send a text or call the contact

Messages don’t get delivered if you get blocked on Whatsapp. It will only show one tick instead of two, which means that messages get sent from your side but never delivered. Calls don’t go through as well.

Form a Whatsapp group and add the contact

This is probably the most effective step for clearing this doubt. Form a new Whatsapp group, add the contact and check if you get any message saying that you aren’t authorized to add the contact in the group. If you get that message then you have been blocked for sure.

Let us conclude by stating that the first three steps are only to provide you a basic idea about your status, whereas the last step can give you a confirmed answer. With these simple steps you can finally figure out whether you’ve been blocked or not.

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