I Miss You Messages for girlfriend and boyfriend


I wish you were here and not so far,

There isn’t any shimmer in those stars.

The moon is bleak and the sky is dark,

Without you, my life has no spark.

My heart lingers to meet you,

Oh honey! I’m dying to kiss you.

I am missing you so much babe, please be back soon


She just broke up with me and now, my heart aches so much.

I feel like its gonna explode into pieces, with each piece having her name within.

How am i gonna live without her? Is it too soon to miss her?


I am ready to be hurt again,

Because you mean the world to me

I am ready to fall again,

Because its hard to breathe.

I am ready to be ruined again,

Because i love you so much .

I am ready to give up everything in my life,

Because i can’t give up on you.

Come back!!  I really miss you


I don’t need to go so far,

Coz i know where you are.

You are imprinted in my mind and heart,

Just like a painting, a piece of art.

Babe! I wish, we are never apart,

Because i miss you so much, when you are far.

Love you honey! Missing you bad


When did we split apart,

You were once there, deep in my heart.

Our lives revolved around each other,

Didn’t I introduced you to my mother.

But today, my heart aches again,

Crippled with fear, beating in vain.

I remember how you left me dear,

To drown in my pangs and tears.


I may not be good at expressing,

But for me you are a blessing.

Your absence drives me crazy,

For me, you are my lil’ daisy.

I promise to be together for life time,

Because I am yours and you are mine.

I love you and miss you even more


I wish I could have a little more importance in your life,

I wish if you hadn’t forget me when you were busy or facing a problem,

I wish you could just talk to me ,so that the entire day seemed easier,

I wish I could stop myself from waiting for you,

I wish I wasn’t crying while writing this to you,

I wish you hadn’t been so late to return to me.

I wish I had you…


Is it my mistake or hers, who cares?

Had i known that by just saying a sorry, we could have lived a happy life together, I would have never let my ego stand between us.

But now i am left with her fading memories.

I wish i had known….

I am sorry but i miss you babe.


It’s 8:00 PM in my watch,

She came on Skype holding a butterscotch.

Her eyes were sad but they still had a shine,

She told me that she’s doing fine.

I touched the screen to wipe her tears,

We knew that long distance isn’t easy to bear.



The moment I gave my heart to you, I earned   every right to irritate you, love you, to be angry with you, to get possessive at times, to scold you and to fight the world and beyond for you.

So if every second I say that I miss you, then stop getting angry and come and meet me.


Time flies like seconds when I am with you. There is a lot that is still untold and unheard.

There are still some smiles to be shared and tears to be shed.

There are still some fights left undone.

There is still some love that is left untold.

There is still some of me left within me.

I want you to have it all.

I love you.


My love for you is as deep as Ocean,

My heart skips a beat when it see you.

I lack to express my emotion,

But whatever I say to you is true.

Don’t leave me alone, I will die,

I wish to love you for my entire life.

If you’ll stay , we’ll reach the sky,

I’ll be your husband and you be my wife.


I wish to hold you tight for my entire life because it’s too hard to miss you.

I never want a second in my life that I have to spend without you honey because the mere thought of it rips me apart.

I would have tied you with me, if it was possible but would never lose sight of you.

I love you too much.


You are as beautiful as snow,

You are as soft as a petal.

Whenever I meet you, your face glows,

Together I want us to settle.

I love you to the moon and back sweetheart.