Latest Online Courses and degrees for 2019

The internet and rise of online educational institutions has made it easy for anyone to learn just about any topic for interest or to further their career. Here are a few of the online courses in demand for 2018.

Social media marketing, internet marketing

In these days of intense competition and the internet as the main channel for sales, social media and internet marketing experts are in demand. The good thing is you do not need to have any professional qualifications to pursue these courses and you can start your own service or join any SEO company.

Big Data

Data and analytics are foundational for businesses to forge ahead and even in data, big data is rapidly becoming the most preferred method of getting information from live data, not historical data. One can specialize in big data after a computer course and get into well paying jobs.

Software testing

It is easy to pursue software courses and become an expert in C, Java, oracle or SAP but there is competition for software developers. Software testing, on the other hand, makes use of only a few tools to test software and becoming a software tester by pursuing an online course opens up gateways to good jobs.

Digital arts

There are any numbers of online courses in digital arts. One can go the digital photography route and learn the ins and outs of digital photographic techniques along with post processing. One can learn photoshop or 3D modelling or animation online. Possibilities are endless to put this knowledge to use.

Online MBA

Business administration is a topic that is always in demand. One need not attend regular classes. There are quite a few recognized online MBA courses that will translate to well paying jobs.

Career oriented online certifications

If you are a graduate or a postgraduate in any stream and you are working then you can opt for advancements and specialized certifications like Six Sigma. These courses have value.

Corporate Communications, Journalism, Public Relations

Communications is a key tool in business and public life. Specializing in corporate communications and public relations gets you into positions where you are the spokesman of a company or you can work independently as a consultant.

Stock marketing trading

Trading on the stock market may sound simple but it is not. You need to have in-depth knowledge of fundamentals and technical analysis to get predictive ability. Stock market trading helps you if you plan to invest and trade.

Online courses in international business

Globalization has led the demand for experts in international business. Join an online course in international business and learn how to promote business globally.

English Courses

Students dream big of going abroad, studying and settling in a country of their choice. However, in order to gain admission they must show competence in English language and appear for IELTS tests. Joining online IELTS English courses is a good way to gain competence.

Then there are others like online interior decoration course, accounting, hacking and cybersecurity you can consider.

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