Summary of Microsoft Azure Certification & Training

Azure is Microsoft’s complex and advanced cloud computing platform that lets enterprises deploy a variety of applications. It takes time and effort to learn Azure’s many different module for which Microsoft has created Azure learning pathways.

Those who wish to become experts in Azure technologies are recommended a pathway to gain competence in the various modules and technologies.

API Management Path

Students learn about how to use API and publish them to developers to derive business insights and analytics.

Azure App Service Mobile Apps

Learn about:

  • Sign in, push notifications and data sync to mobile apps
  • Connect apps to enterprise systems
  • Scale apps

Azure automaton path

Develop expertise in:

  • Automating manual and repettive tasks
  • Configure automation environment
  • Resolve issues
  • Buyild runbooks

App service web apps path

Web apps are ubiquitous in enterprise environment and this pathway takes students on a learning trip on:

  • Build, deploy and scale enterprise apps
  • Test and troubleshoot apps
  • Make apps secure

IoT suite

IoT is gaining in popularity and this pathway explores:

  • IoT implementations
  • Use pre-configured solutions
  • Remote monitor
  • Maintenance
  • Integration into other apps

Azure backup path

Learn about:

How to back up data to Microsoft cloud

Configure backup with any version of Windows

Use it with SharePoint, SQL Server and Hyper-V VMS as well as IaaS

Azure batch path

Learn how to speed up and automate processes with Azure batch:

  • Run parallel and HPC applications in the cloud
  • Schedule jobs
  • Manage virtual machines
  • Configure workloads to run on demand or on schedule

Azure cloud services path

Become expert in

  • Azure’s platform as a service
  • Control vitual machines
  • Learn if cloud services are right for your applications

Azure data catalog

This path explores details about:

  • Fully managed service for registration of data sources
  • Permissions to users to access data
  • Capture insights from data

Cortana analytics process path

Learn about:

  • Data science
  • Build predictive models for intelligent applications
  • Define problems, analyze data, build and test predictive models
  • Deploy models

Event Hubs

Learn about

  • Event ingestor to take in millions of events
  • Process, analyse huge amounts of data

IoT Hub learning

Learn how to receive data from sensors and manage devices

Hadoop on HDInsight

This teaches you about:

  • How to work with big data using Hadoop, Apache Storm and Hbaze
  • Learn about Hadoop and its components
  • Manage and analyze reports on big data with HDInsight

There is lots more such as Azure data factory, StorSimple, Media services and others that you can go about in a structured way, eventually ending up as an Azure professional. For details, please visit this official page of Microsoft

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