Beautiful Poems to wish Good Night on Whatsapp


Night is a time to leave behind all the hardships of the day

It is a time to lie down with a relaxed self

Learn from the mistakes and cherish our achievements

And finally wake up to be a better version of our own self.

A very good night to you.



Some people want everything in their lives

But if one had everything that he/she always craved for

There would not have been any difference between dreams and reality

I wish you the best dreams and a pleasant night.



We can always expect a bright and cheerful day ahead.

So, don’t worry when things didn’t work out today.

We can always make it work the following day.

Have a good night my friend 😊

Good Night!



Every end has a beginning, just as how every night ends with another day.

Nature will always keep on going, but will you?

Good night!



Starry night sky

Full moon bright

The sky is promising you

A very good night!



Do you listen to the songs of the nocturnal creatures of the night?

Do you notice the tranquility and peace that reside

This message is to remind you of that peace and wish you a good night’s sleep

Wake up with full energy tomorrow and achieve all the gems of your need.



Darkness shows the world to us in a very vibrant way.

Unlike the day’s brightness there’s a subtle light that allows us to look at things in their most tranquil form.

A peaceful moment where the entire force of nature has laid itself to rest.

This is a moment for us too; to get down, be at peace, think about life and sleep wholeheartedly.

Good night!



Nights are god’s way of letting you know that this is not the end

but only a peaceful pause for a brighter beginning.

Good night and sleep tight!



As Van Gogh mentions that the night is more colorful than the day,

likewise much more can be achieved during the hours when everyone else is asleep.

That is what brings out the success that lies within you.

Good night!



I have realized how hard it is to sleep at night

and how incredibly easy it is to snooze all throughout the day.

Have a fantastic night and lazy day tomorrow dear friend.

Just kidding! Your day will be full of energy.



They say the less you sleep and work now will give you more hours to sleep in the future.

But that should not mean you skip sleeping completely.

Sometimes sacrifices matter but a healthy sleep schedule is also important for your well-being.

So, don’t stay up late too often, have a hearty dinner and go to sleep with a sound mind.

 Have a good night and sweet dreams.