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Welcome to 111ideas. Please read this privacy policy and also terms and conditions of use before you start to use this site. This privacy policy mainly concerns your personal data and its safety.

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What is personal data

Personal data means your name, email address, telephone number, physical address. It could also include bank account details and credit or debit card details.

How we keep it safe

We have put into place three tiers of security to keep your personal data safe at all times. All such data is fully encrypted.

Use of data

You have to furnish personal details when you register and make use of our services. We make use of this data for communication, interaction, to send promotional offers and to send you updates. We use personal data when you raise issue or request services. We may use personal data for any other valid purpose.

We do not make commercial use of your personal details. We do not sell it to any one for gain. We may share data with service providers but they are fully covered by NDA so you do not have to worry.

We do not disclose data to anyone. If we are required by law to disclose your personal data we may do so but we will take care to inform you in advance.


Our website puts cookies on your system through the browser. These cookies do not harm your computer and they do not access any other data. Cookies only track user behaviour on the website and are meant to personalize content delivery and give a very engaging user experience. You can always disable cookies in your browser.

Third party links

You will find third party links on our site. We do not endorse any of those parties. We are not affiliated with them. If you click through to their site you will be governed by their privacy policy. You visit those sites at your risk and we are not responsible.

Please note that we reserve right to alter the terms of privacy policy at any time without prior notification.

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