Privacy Policy

Welcome to our site. Please read terms of this privacy policy along with terms of use before you proceed with use of this site.

We are very much conscious about maintaining security and confidentiality of personal information of users. Personal information means and includes name, address, email address and telephone number as well as social handles as may be submitted by users. These details are encrypted and kept secure under three tiers of security. Our employees and associates in charge of or connected with handling such data are bound by strict rules and confidentiality agreements.

Please rest assured we never misuse your data. We do not share personal data with anyone and disclose it only when ordered to do so by a court of law and that too with consent of users. We do not sell or make commercial use of personal data. We use it only to keep in touch, send notifications and emails about offers, if any. We may share personal data with advertisers if necessary and if it is in the interests of users.

Users are free to manage their personal data. You may change your data at any time by logging in. If you want your personal data and account to be removed please send us an email from your registered email address.

Our site may place cookies in your computer. Cookies are harmless and only track your behavior on our website. This helps us tailor content according to your usage pattern. Cookies do not access any personal data on your computer system.

We use third party advertisements on our website. The cookies help us to display ads depending on your interest and search history.

You may disable cookies in your browser but at the risk of reduced functionalities.

Our site may contain third party advertisements. We are not directly or indirectly connected to or affiliated with such ads and sites. If you click through to such sites you do so at your discretion and risk. You will be governed by their terms and privacy policies.

Even with the best of intentions our servers may be compromised by malware or hackers and in this case we may not be able to guarantee privacy of your personal data. Please keep this in mind when you register and use our site.

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy in any way we see fit in order to improve. Users are requested to keep checking the privacy policy each time they visit our site and log in.