Top 10 best photo download websites & mobile apps of the year

The website (also having a mobile app) has a spectacular collection of images that focuses on natural landscapes, picturesque backgrounds and sceneries out of the ordinary.

All can be accessed in its wide expanse of high-definition images, plus viewers can follow specific tags so that searching for precise requirements becomes somewhat easier amidst the incalculable number of images.

The mobile app FreeRange is not just about downloading free images. The website also organizes workshops for enthusiasts who wish to showcase their photography or editing skills on a global platform.

Along with the showcase of their work they also feature magazines where they have issued spectacular images, including popular articles, case studies, trending social topics, cultural heritage and food blogs.

The database of this mobile app gets updated every month for the introduction of innovative ideas, content and images

This is the most popular website for downloading Whatsapp images and messages. The categories include, good morning and good night images, love messages, shayari, jokes etc.

This mobile app is well organized, with categories that feature popularity levels, favorite images, date, views, downloads and so on.

They update their stock every week with hundreds of new pictures, all perfectly arranged in categories, the popular ones included. Downloadable content is not subject to copyright norms and hence are free for commercial usage as well.


This android app mainly specializes on Macro and Nature stock imagery. However, apart from these primary categories there are thousands more pertaining toward scity-life, wildlife, culture, food, travel, et cetera.

Not to forget, they are also free for download! The website has a simplified design so that users can comfortably browse through their specifications; viz identifying tags, category, popularity and color levels.

Life of Pix

A great mobile app for aspirant photographers to showcase their talent. The website features ten new photographs every week, ones that are subjectively short-listed by observers so that the best pictures get uploaded.

Viewers will find every category pertaining towards human livelihood, occupation, consumption, traditional heritage and natural vistas.

SplitShire has a collection of over 900 high-definition stock pictures. Images include artistic portraits, real-life moments (both natural or artificial), abstract imagery, simplified designs, graphic designs and not to forget the extraordinary moments captured by professional photographers.

The mobile app also has free videos to offer, including humorous content, travel experiences and trendy videos that surface on social media as memes.

As the name suggests, it is one of the finest places for startup companies, bloggers, travelers, graphic designers and web developers to download royalty free images.

The app mainly focuses on office related or technological content, such as laptops, corporate office interiors and similar images that allude towards a typical corporate or business environment.

The website is well-known for providing food-related content/images, ranging from ethnic cuisine to modern-day fast food, brewery, places worth visiting for food and so on. Images are free to download and if required one can have the essential image inboxed or mailed to them directly.

Offers a wide-range of abstract, portrait, landscape and panoramic images of nature. Other livelihood portraits are also available, free for download and for commercial use too.

The website/mobile app requires an attribution from its users to avail the royalty-free options, in other words there is no direct tie with the uploader/provider of the image that is to be used.

It is easier to browse through this website because of the assigned tags, dominant color levels, category to which it belongs and date of upload.

Users of this mobile app will have camera and palette specifications, altogether simplifying the navigation process to a higher extent. Every image is of high-definition quality, eye-catchy color levels and can further be edited according to the preference of the viewer/user.


It’s a website mobile app that offers copyright free images befitting any business or commercial purpose. The contents or images are categorized accordingly, and each section has an abundance of professionally clicked or collected images that can be uploaded on websites, business articles, travel blogs, cooking/health sites, so on and forth.

The site updates its stock by adding new arrivals every consecutive week.

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