Top 20 most popular Mobile Apps of the year (Android and iOS)

Google Play Store is fast becoming an ocean for apps of all kinds. Here is a selection of the best 20 android apps that you should install on your smartphone.

NewPipe – The mobile app to play Youtube videos in the background

  • New Pipe is to play YouTube videos, download the audio or video part and do it all while you work on other apps.
  • It is not there on Playstore. Search for it elsewhere on the web.

Firefox Focus – Mobile app to automatically delete browsing history

  • If you are sensitive about privacy when you use your browser, FireFox Focus is the answer. Browse all you want and then exit.
  • Your browsing history is erased automatically.

Fake GPS – install this android app so that no one can track your location

  • If you are fed up of Google and GPS tracking you wherever you are, use FakeGPS
  • It fools Google Maps or GPs to think you are in some other location.

Authy Mobile app – It protects your account from hacking

  • This app generates 2 step verification code.
  • Even if your account is hacked no one can access it if you use Authy.

FooView – Operate your cell phone through gestures

  • Use simple gestures to carry out a variety of functions.
  • You can open websites, switch screens, capture screens or search apps with FooView.

Grammarly – The mobile app that check grammar when  you write something

  • Install this app and when you use any other app like email or whatsapp then Grammarly makes sure there are no errors in what you write.
  • It is perfect for those who are not quite familiar with English and also for those who are fairly good at it.

Article Reader – the best android app for reading

  • Browsers can be cluttered and fonts may be too small to read articles in comfort.
  • Install Article Reader and send any page from your browser to the app to read it full screen with no clutter to annoy you.

Protect – the best mobile app to monitor data usage

  • This is Facebook’s free VPN and data manager app to help you monitor data usage.
  • You can block apps from using data in the background and you can use VPN to be more secure over public networks.

Quickly – the mobile app to see your most frequently used apps and contacts

  • Install this app.
  • When you swipe down the notification drawer you get to see your most frequently used apps and contacts.

WhatTheFont – Mobile app to identify the font in an image

  • Install this app. Snap a picture of a magazine page or hoarding.
  • WhatTheFont will identify the font and show similar font family names. Good for graphics professionals.

Files Go – Clean your mobile phone

  • This app from Google will identify unused apps, duplicate files and temporary files on your phone and remove them to free up space.
  • A must have for all mobile phone users.

Notin – the best “reminder” mobile app

  • Notin lets you pin notes and reminders to the notification bar and you will keep receiving reminders until the task is done.
  • It works as automated reminder.

Canva – the android app to create beautiful designs (also available on iOS)

  • Install Canva and you get ready to use templates to create beautiful layouts for invitations, brochures or just about any graphic layout.
  • Become an instant artist with Canva!

Timbre – Edit and Convert audio files

  • If you are like any smartphone user who has plenty of audio and video files you will like Timbre.
  • It will help you edit media files and even convert them from one format to another as well as change playback speed.

TinyCards – The android app the improves memory of your smartphone

  • TinyCards helps improve memory by way of flashcards using repetitive techniques.
  • You can use available cards or craft your own cards with text of your choice.

Sesame Shortcuts – The best way to create shortcuts for your mobile apps

  • What Sesame Shortcuts does is to create an invisible area on your screen that all other apps can access.
  • You tap this area and you can launch your app without having to go to the home screen.

Android Auto – the mobile app that helps you to get driving directions, play music and make phone calls

  • Install this app and life becomes easier since you can listen to driving directions, enjoy music and make phone calls while on the go.
  • Your screen becomes an interface with large buttons once this app launches.

CastBox – The best podcasting mobile app

  • If you love podcasts Cast Box will find podcasts for you.
  • You can use audio searches and you can sync podcasts to your desktop.

Connections – Link notes to your contacts

  • Quickly lets you link notes and to-dos to your contacts.
  • Phone them or receive a phone call from such linked numbers and the notes pop up.

APK Updater – Safely updates your mobile apps

  • Install APK Updater and it will search only legitimate update sites to install latest updates for your installed apps.
  • You can get newer versions even before they are on Google Playstore.
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