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Images can vary in quality, category and purpose. If you are setting up a website for a travel agency, then images pertaining towards nature would be your primary focus.

Similarly, for corporate business portraits of an office filled with laptops, tablets, furniture and perhaps coffee-mugs on the table will be of use.

Whatever may be your cause, it is sometimes problematic to get the best images for your concern. Sometimes copyright issues may stop one from using a picture, or perhaps it simply is hard to find one online amidst the vast abundance of images coming from all over the world.

So, bearing such facts in find we have come up with the top 30 websites and mobile apps one should look out for when it comes to downloading free images. These apps can be downloaded from boy Google Playstore or Apps store of Apple.

Such images are completely royalty free and can be used for any commercial purposes, even for setting up websites, blogs, etc.

These websites have their own special attributes and will indeed fulfill the requests of any viewer who requiresappropriate/suitable imagery for their website or business.

This photo app consists of over 40,000 photos of which an additional three thousand gets added/updated every month. So, the fear of stumbling upon obsolete images is minimal.

The categories range from nature, space, abstract art to business related pictures, yoga, wildlife, city-life and so on. It gets easier to search through categories and the picture-quality is very captivating, due to distinct and vibrant colors.

It’s the best website for downloading images for social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.  These images help you to get more likes and followers. You will also get many images with quotes.

It’s another website for Whatsapp and Facebook  images

Pinterest app or website not only offers stunning images but also a social network for people to connect as well as share pictures of interest.

Pinterest allows users to manually form groups, image categories and likewise connect websites as well as their pictures to share.

This site is one of the most popular websites for image sharing and download.  It even works for optimizing websites too!

This website/mobile app is very quick in its pace for updating their stock. To be specific, over thousands are added everyday from all over the world.

Users can download and share images, videos, graphic designs and even edit their downloadable content.All pictures are royalty free and are of high resolution fit for any reputed company.

On this mobile app, there are over 1 million stock images, including professional photographs, befitting business purposes or for commercial uses as well. This mobile app also shares amazing videos.

Tourism blogs will definitely come across preferred content at Pixabay.

The site also works as a social network where users can upload images/videos on their public domain for everyone to see, like and share.

The website has 89 categories, so users can search for whatever their specific need is.

The website has been around for over a decade and has over 40 thousand subscribers as well, making it one of the most visited websites for free image downloads.

The contents are also approved under the CC0 license, which means that no copyright or credit labels are attached with the image/video.

The website features an option to view the pictures/categories that have lately been trending or getting used on a wider scale. There are over thousands of stock images, including simple and catchy designs for setting up websites as well.

The categories furthermore consist of high definition wallpapers, without any copyright label and completely free for download.

Subscribers get instant access to an abundance of stock-images based in distinct categories. The mobile app has an online editor for users who wish to customize images and can also share it on popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Subscribers can also upload their own images as everything is set up on their public domain and viewers from all over the world will get to notice the respective images/content.

Canva has a suitably user-friendly interface. They provide editing options as well a stock-pile of over thousands of pictures, including icons for website editing, social media advertisements, so on and forth.

They also specialize in making documents regarding any category, such as newsletters, banner, advertisement campaigns, et cetera. Corporate companies can also submit their requirements for preparing graphs and charts to this website.

Free stock images for everyone to download. One can search for the best one in any category and even choose assorted color ratios in the picture.

They also have a category for popular searches so that viewers can explore for trending images that are getting higher views on the internet. There are appropriate stock images for online stores, websites and business portfolios.

This is one of the most interesting sites / mobile app for image downloading. The website offers challenges by setting up trendy hashtags under which people can upload images and the best viewed or most liked images can win some money too!

One can also browse through a surplus of copyright free pictures that can be used for any commercial reason without royalty charges.

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