Sweet Whatsapp messages to wish good morning to your friends and lovers


Hey! Look what time it is

The day is looking forward to you

Get up, get fresh, get going, get best

The day won’t be as wholesome without you.

Good Morning.



Darkness and light are different.

 One cannot exist with the other.

It is the same with success and failure.

At one moment you will fail but just as how mornings return after every dark night, you will achieve success after every failure.

 I wish you a very good morning and a successful day ahead.



Wake up and welcome another beautiful day

A day that will be lonely without you

Embrace this day and walk along with it with a smile

Make the day a companion that will always be worthwhile.



The difference between a successful person and one who is not is the difference in belief.

One would think that every story has an end but the other one would think that every end has a new beginning.

Channel your thoughts in a positive way.

Have a great day ahead.

Good morning!



Wake up! Your tea is getting cold

The day is waiting for you to enroll

Get up and freshen up for a brand-new day

This good morning will grant your wishes all the way.



Alarms are interesting.

It is something that is loved and hated by all.

We hate it because it wakes us up and we love it because we need to wake up.



Never stick to the past when you fail.

Mornings will never seem fresh that way.

Wake up with new hopes, new aspirations and knowledge that you have acquired from the past.

Every morning will then seem refreshing and worth waking up.

 I wish you success ahead in this beautiful morning.



The beauty of mornings is pristine

It can heal the wounded instantly

Mornings can restart anything

If only we believe that there’s always a new beginning.



Nature does not wait, time always runs

The night is always replaced by brighter days

You mustn’t wait too, run along with time

And your failure will be replaced by success and happiness.



The art of waking is a task.

One who masters it at the early hours of the day

can easily go on ahead with a fresh mind and wholesome heart.

                                                                      I wish you a very good morning 😊