Why Proud To Be Punjabi

When Alexander conquered all, only King Porus of Punjab dared to stop him.
When Mughal ruled India and converted Hindus to Islam, one and only one Punjab stood against them and Guru Teg Bahadur Ji ( 9th Guru & father of Guru Gobind Singh ji ) laid down his life at Chandni Chowk in Delhi for their support
& Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed all his four sons of the age of 7,9,14 & 17 years against the conversion to Islam. His Elder two sons (Sahibzade) sacrificed their lives in war against Mughals at Chamkaur Sahib(Pb) & younger two sons (Sahibzade) were bricked alive at Sirhand (Pb) by the  Mughal ruler of that State.

When British ruled all over India Punjab was the last one to come under that rule and immediately started struggle for freedom.

In the freedom struggle against British, the contribution of Punjabis is more than 50%.
When Indira Gandhi ruled 18 states, Punjab wasn’t in those 18.
Now when Modi is ruling 19 states, Punjab isn’t in those .
So, Only Punjabis do what others can’t do and are always ready to fight against Jabar and Julam.
Be proud to have been a Punjabi..
I salute to the river land – Punjab


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