About Us

Life is about interacting with people. Interaction involves expression of emotions and feelings. Stay in touch with people and people stay in touch with you. It is that simple. Whatsapp has become the number one channel of maintaining relationships. However, there are times when you may be stumped as to what to say and how to say it through Whatsapp in short but telling way. This is where we come in with our ready to use greetings and messages in text and image form.

Start the day with a Good Morning message. Strengthen your bonds of friendship with an image or text that keeps memories and connections alive. Express sentiments and emotions of joy and sorrow. Do it easily. We are constantly working at developing innovative and crisp messages you will love to adopt as your own and share with others.

We do it for free because we value human relationships and we wish to make the world a better, more interconnected space through the Whatsapp platform. You could even develop connections through sharing on our platform. Use any language. This platform aims to be global and to support as many languages as possible.

Feel free to use any of our messages as many times as you like. You can also share your messages with others through our platform by uploading your creations. It will make you feel happy that someone somewhere likes your message so much that they choose to use it. We want to make everyone feel better and develop their own circles of friends and acquaintances.

There are more plans on the anvil to widen the scope of this site. We are starting with Whatsapp but soon we will venture into other areas of social media connectivity and network. Stay tuned and become part of our large global family.