Sad Messages of Love for boyfriend & girlfriend

  • I gave my heart to you and you broke it into pieces. Now I don’t know how to fix it again.


  • I would rather fall from mountain and break my bones rather than falling in love and break my heart again.


  • My heart longs for you and your heart longs for someone else.


  • It is so easy to fall in love. It can happen within a day. But it takes forever to forget someone you loved.


  • The best and the worst part about my love is that I love you and it gets even worst as I don’t know how to forget you.


  • It hurts me to see you with someone else but I pacify me heart by saying that at last, you are happy


  • Is it me or this is how every love story ends? It starts like a fairy tale and ends by wounding us.


  • There is nothing called true love as none will love you truly like you do.


  • I wish I haven’t met you and fell in love. It is not easy for me to not look at you even after what you did to me.


  • When you love someone truly, you don’t expect anything in return.


  • A day without you seems like a year.


  • I hope you don’t miss me like you do as I cannot see you in the same amount of pain that I’m in.


  • Do you remember the first day we met? I wish I could rewind time so that I could live that day every day.


  • Isn’t it funny how my life changed after you came and went back to the same old track after you left?


  • Before I go away, I want you to know that every bit of our love was true. The only thing that wasn’t true was my anger that I showed to you.


  • Can you please stop coming in my dreams? I’m tired of crying every day after waking up.


  • I still look at my phone and go through the old texts that we shared in our good old days and wish to relive those moments just one more time.


  • And you said me to go slow as you were falling behind. And now, you went ahead but never looked back.


  • I will wait for you till my last breathe and I will die with roses in my hand that I bought but was never able to give it to you

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