Short good morning Whatsapp messages for friends, family & lover

  • “Lets the new sunshine brings lots of happiness and joy to you and your family.


  • “Embrace the good with open heart and see the change”.


  • “Be the strength of your loved ones-wishing you a very good morning”.


  • “Your one smile can change thousands of life.  So keep smiling my friend.  Wishing you a very good morning.”


  • “With each rising sun let’s celebrate the occasion that we call-life”


  • “A new day marks a new beginning…make this beginning the grandest of all”


  • “Enough of sleep….now its time to get up”


  • “A kiss is enough to make the morning a special one and the day extraordinary”


  • “Good Morning”-may peace and prosperity walks hand in hand with every of your footsteps.


  • A new day means a new approach towards life, a new way to feel, a new way to breath and a new way to live-start your morning with a big smile.


  • “Just like after every failure comes success, just like every drop of tear comes a big smile similarly after every dark night comes a bright morning”-Wish you all the luck.


  • “You are a born fighter and I know it.  Never give up till your last breath.


  • “A cup of Nescafe and a morning wish is enough for you to start your day”-Have a great day ahead.


  • “There are only few people in this earth to whom you mean a lot and I am one of them.”


  • “With each and every passing day don’t think what you have lost but think what more you can achieve.  Keep smiling always.  Have a great day ahead”.


  • “If life is a race then you better sit and enjoy the show.  Be lazy, always.  Take care friend”.


  • “There are thousand reasons for which I hate you, but only one reason to love you and I am not in a mood of counting.”  So…good morning and I love you.


  • A silent prayer to the almighty is the best way to start your day and if you are an atheist then sleep tight


  • “My journey of life has been so easy since I had you in my life.  Be there always for me.  Very good morning darling”.


  • Your presence has always been precious to me.  Your smile, your way of talking, your appearance makes me go crazy.  Enough of praising.   Get up it’s time to work-by the way


  • Don’t be embarrassed with what you have missed, be rejuvenated with what you are yet to experience.  Love you.


  • “Wake up with a smile and be your best version today.

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